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Round Wood Wins Best in Show

15 June 2013

Round Wood of Mayfield beat off strong competition from over 120 other stallholders to land the prize for the best non-agricultural stand at this year’s Heathfield show.

Despite torrential rain during the set up phase, an impressive display was achieved. Whilst it showcased their full range of products - including flooring, decking, oak framed buildings and joinery – it was the selection of Home & Garden features on offer that really caught the eye.

First and foremost were two full size cast iron horse statues, indistinguishable to some from their real life counterparts in the parade ring. One even featured a saddle and a Round Wood branded Numnah and proved a popular photo point for visitors.

The Heathfield Show is the second largest country fair in the South of England and is attended by around 7000 people annually. Round Wood exhibits at several trade fairs throughout the country.

Criteria for judging at the Heathfield show was attractiveness and interest to the public and creative and effective use of stand layout.  Round Wood had previously won the best stand prize in 2009 and also a number of second places.

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Decking Season Approaches

22 January 2013

Thankfully spring is just around the corner; we have increased our stocks of ipe, balau, garapa and oak decking in anticipation.

We always experience a significant spike in demand for decking in February, March and April as thoughts turn to garden projects, so we have ensured we are ready for the call to action.

Our range of decking boards appeals to those looking to add a high end touch to their property. It is principally comprised of hardwoods that will offer decades of service, whilst always looking the part. We already have thousands of square metres in stock.

First and foremost amongst the species is Ipe, a timber from South America that is capable of lasting over a century even without treatment. Balau, Garapa and Oak will similarly stand the test of time, each offering a different aesthetic.

The two softwoods we offer will also stand up to the toughest of environments. Siberian Larch and Cedar have only been allowed to sit alongside their hardwood decking counterparts in our range as they are unusually hardy and rich in natural oils. They could not be more different to the softwoods offered by standard timber merchants.

In addition to decking boards we offer a range of oils and accessories, including both the ArchiDeck and Sharkstooth hidden deck fastening models. These are increasingly popular as they allow highly attractive decking boards - that can require a significant investment - to be displayed to their full potential.

For more information on our hardwood decking, see our guide.

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New Garden Furniture

22 January 2013

Our sister company Round Wood Trading has introduced the Castle range of wrought iron garden furniture to its selection of Home & Garden Features.

The Castle Range combines traditional design themes with contemporary colours and styling to achieve a range of garden furniture that suits any setting.

The furniture is classically crafted in wrought iron to the highest standards, yet remains affordable.

It currently comprises the 5-piece Canterbury Dining Set, the 3-piece Berkeley Bistro Set and the Wilton Bench. All are available in either a gloss white or Chartreuse green finish.

Every item in the Castle range folds down easily for storage, so is also suitable for small balconies, terraces or gardens were space is tight. The finish is weather resistant, so will allow a patina to develop gently.

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Stay Warm for Less

1 December 2012

By preventing warm air from escaping into your roofspace, our nifty little eco friendly stove fans can significantly cut the cost of running your wood burner.

They have proven extremely popular over the last few months; so much so that they have been the subject of a recent feature in the 'So' magazines circulated around East Sussex and Kent, (see below).

Our models of stove fan are produced to the highest quality standards, but start at just £61.50 including postage, the cheapest price you are likely to find in the UK.

Stove fans are available in black, gold or nickel and are supplied with a 12-month guarantee. To order simply give us a call on 01435 867 072

Excerpt From 'So' Magazines, December 2012

Stay Warm This Christmas

If you're a homeowner with a wood burner keeping you warm this winter, make sure you consider installing a stove fan. These clever devices, priced at £61.50, sit on top of the burner and circulate the hot air it generates directly into the surrounding living space.

Stove Fan

This not only cuts costs but also reduces the impact of burning fuel on the environment, particulalry as they generate their own power, so require no electricity.

As the heat of the stove increases, do does the temperature differential in the fans thermoelectric module which generates the power required, meaning the fan turns increasingly fasters. A stoves output can be increased by up to 14%.

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Movember Boys Raise Thousands!

30 November 2012

The Christmas spirit has come early to Round Wood! Customers, suppliers and friends have rallied to our ‘Movember’ cause, donating in excess of £3,000.

12 of the boys on the staff started the month clean shaven with the hope of raising £1,000 for the charities supported by the annual event, including Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research.

With the support of their ‘Mo Sistas’ they have already achieved triple that target and pledges are still coming in. Round Wood easily ranks inside the top 300 teams inside the country, out of well over 30,000. A final total of between £4,000 and £5,000 is hoped for, along with a top 150 spot. 

Donations have come in from a variety of amazing sources and from all corners of the globe. Various suppliers from China, France, Germany and the UK have chipped in, alongside customers from across the continent. Other sponsors include local MP Charles Hendry and of course many friends and family members.

“The reaction to this month has been unbelievable,” said MD Zac Soudain, who won the ‘Man of Movember’ award after collecting the most sponsorship. “Everybody around us really rallied to our cause; I really cannot thank them enough.”

Commenting on his impressive ‘Trucker’; style moustache, he added: ‘It is really itchy. I cannot wait to get it off; I am looking forward to getting my face back. But it has all definitely been worth it. I am sure we will take part again next year with the aim of raising even more funds.”

Other moustache styles on display at Round Wood included ‘The Mexican’ and ‘The Major,’ as well as one dyed purple.

General Manger Trevor Stratford performed a ‘Reverse Movember.’ He has sported a moustache for 32 years, but maintained a completely hairless top lip for the month.

Round Wood of Mayfield supply a variety of products from their main base on Newick Lane, including oak framed buildings, hardwood decking and oak flooring. Their sister company Round Wood Trading offers a range of home and garden features, including giant replica Easter Island Heads which also ended up with a hairy top lip!


To follow our progress and see a FULL PHOTO GALLERY please visit our facebook page.

To done to the cause, please visit our Movember page.


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From Oak Frames to Floor Boards

9 November 2012

An article shortly to be published in Self-Builder magazine is a good example of the publicity received by our hardwood decking, oak flooring and oak framed building ranges.

From Self-Builder, December 2012

Whether you require an entire building or just a finishing touch, the range of products and services available from Round Wood of Mayfield will appeal, particularly if you are developing to a high specification.

Oak Framed Cricket Pavilion featuring hardwood decking, oak flooring and joinery.

The company consists of several strands that all adhere to traditional crafting techniques and the supply of premium materials. This quality doesn’t cost the earth and is more than worth the investment given the years of service it will underpin.

Round Wood’s involvement in your development can vary from that of a trusted product supplier, if you simply require hardwood decking or flooring, to full build management if you are looking to erect an Oak Frame.

The team behind their ‘Oak Framed Building’ division has planned, erected and finished thousands of projects over the last 20 years. These have included buildings typically associated with oak framing such as garages, gazebos, garden rooms and offices, but also larger scale undertakings such as houses.

One such development offers almost 600 square metres of floor space set across four levels. The structural frame comprises beams of over a foot wide and is topped by impressive bespoke finials that stand in excess of 7 feet.

The house also features flooring supplied through the ‘Quality Oak & Decking Products’ strand at Round Wood. In line with their commitment to high end products only the most durable and attractive hardwood floor boards are offered, including solid and engineered oak and walnut.

The decking they supply is also cut from the most durable species of timber. Toughest of all is Ipe, a South American hardwood that will last over 100 years without treatment. Others include Balau, Garapa and Oak, all of which are far more durable than the softwood equivalents available at standard timber merchants.

Hardwood decking boards also hold a considerable advantage when it comes to catching the eye. They feature beautiful grain swirl and deep, rich colouration that can vary widely in some species. This can look really striking on a large deck, particularly if the boards are finished with hidden fastenings that cut out the need for unsightly face screws.

Whilst decking and flooring is provided on a supply only basis by Round Wood, they do have recommended fitters and are always on hand to lend advice. Their oak frames can also be purchased on this basis if you have your own works team.

The most recent project where these elements have been combined was for the construction of a new pavilion for Mayfield Cricket Club. This project was led from inception to the completion of a building that stood 21 metres wide, 19 metres deep and 7.5 metres tall. In addition to decking and flooring it also included oak joinery supplied by Round Wood, including 5 sets of bi-fold doors, 2 sets of garage doors, 3 standard doors and 9 windows.

Through its sister company, Round Wood also supplies ‘Home & Garden Features’. These tend to have a reclamation style focus and include cast iron statues, urns and benches and wrought iron furniture sets. Recently they have also developed a range of garden planters. These are crafted in a variety of materials and designs, including faux lead jumbo boxes, troughs and cylinders.

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E-Commerce now available

16 August 2012

Whilst we love talking to our customers, it is now possible to purchase products from our range without even picking up the phone. The latest in a series of updates to our website sees the introduction of e-commerce capabilities that offer an intuitive and secure checkout process.



Given its vast nature, we have not rolled out online purchasing for our entire product range at this stage.

Large, bulky items offered in a number of dimensions and that may require machining - such as decking and flooring - still require ordering over the phone.

This allows us to provide materials as closely as possible to your requirements, provide accurate delivery times and combine shipping charges.

For items that are suited to courier despatch, such as our ranges of ironmongery, flooring oils, decking accessories and even door kits, however, ordering now just requires the click of a button.

Items eligible for online shopping have a prominently displayed ‘Add to Basket’ button.


Decking Oils

You can view your basket at any time by using the link in the top banner. We have also introduced an easy to use ‘Prices to Include VAT’ toggle, allowing both retail and trade customers to view prices in a familiar form.

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Fibrestone planter range expands!

16 August 2012

Our range of Fibrestone planters now includes a Mega (120cm) Faux Lead Chelsea box capable of holding several members of the Round Wood team, (photographic evidence provided).

Mega Fibrestone Planter      Giant Fibrestone


Previously, our largest Fibrestone Chelsea planter spanned a not insignificant 60 x 60 x 60cm, making it suitable for medium to large shrubs and trees. When one of our customers approached us with a bespoke requirement for a larger proposition, however, we were happy to oblige.

We are now happy to offer the new model (1.2m x 1m x 1m) as part of our standard range, along with an only relatively smaller 90cm x 90cm x 90cm Giant Chelsea Fibrestone Box. Other sizes are under development.

Fibrestone is an innovative composite, combining fibreglass with stone. So whilst it offers all the durability benefits of fibreglass, it still retains a solid feel. Unlike Fibreclay it will not weather or easily chip.

These new larger models have reinforced walls, so are suitable for large volumes of soil and large plants, such as palm trees. We hope to bring you photos of the boxes in situ shortly.

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Siberian Larch Decking

18 July 2012

Whilst we specialise in hardwoods, we have recently extended our decking range to include boards cut from Siberian Larch.

Until now, the only softwood we have used for decking is Cedar, as it high levels of natural oils make it particularly resistant to insect and fungal attacks.

Siberian Larch Decking 

Siberian Larch also has outstanding qualities that provide a durability normally only found in its hardwood cousins. It is particularly noted for its dense grain structure and resinous composition.

In its native Russia, the Larch is known as ‘The Tree of Eternity’. It is hardly surprising; buildings constructed from the timber remaining standing in Russia today, most notably in Siberia.

An abundance of trees can be found in the region. For a softwood timber it is extremely slow-growing and is responsibly harvested, so also has strong environmental credentials.

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New videos available

6 February 2012

We now have a total of 5 videos on our YouTube channel that either showcase our product range or detail recent projects, including the Oak Framed Pavilion we built for Mayfield Cricket Club.

Three additions sit alongside our original videos: ‘Oak Framed Buildings, Oak Flooring & Hardwood Decking’ and ‘Ipe Decking – A Case Study.'

Mayfield Cricket Club Pavilion – The Build

Our Oak Framed Building team has been involved in a series of interesting and large scale projects recently, such as the development of a new Oak Framed Pavilion for Mayfield Cricket Club.

The building, which also features our hardwood decking and engineered oak flooring, replaces the old structures that were lost to a mindless arson attack at the club's picturesque 'Wellbrook' ground. This video follows the project, which took place in spring 2011, from the ground up.

Oak Framed Buildings by Round Wood of Mayfield

The cricket pavilion also features in this video, alongside several other projects we have completed. It takes a look at a 6,000 square foot house that also includes our engineered oak flooring, a stable complex, a farm shop and a garage with additional garden storage.

Solid & Engineered Oak / Walnut Flooring

Our range of flooring products is continually expanding. This video takes a short look at several styles of board we offer either being fitted or in situ.

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