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Stay Warm for Less

1 December 2012

By preventing warm air from escaping into your roofspace, our nifty little eco friendly stove fans can significantly cut the cost of running your wood burner.

They have proven extremely popular over the last few months; so much so that they have been the subject of a recent feature in the 'So' magazines circulated around East Sussex and Kent, (see below).

Our models of stove fan are produced to the highest quality standards, but start at just £61.50 including postage, the cheapest price you are likely to find in the UK.

Stove fans are available in black, gold or nickel and are supplied with a 12-month guarantee. To order simply give us a call on 01435 867 072

Excerpt From 'So' Magazines, December 2012

Stay Warm This Christmas

If you're a homeowner with a wood burner keeping you warm this winter, make sure you consider installing a stove fan. These clever devices, priced at £61.50, sit on top of the burner and circulate the hot air it generates directly into the surrounding living space.

Stove Fan

This not only cuts costs but also reduces the impact of burning fuel on the environment, particulalry as they generate their own power, so require no electricity.

As the heat of the stove increases, do does the temperature differential in the fans thermoelectric module which generates the power required, meaning the fan turns increasingly fasters. A stoves output can be increased by up to 14%.

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