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Eco Nuggets Now Available

13 December 2013

We are now recycling our hardwood offcuts into 'eco nuggets'; high-quality briquettes that offer expectionally high burn temperatures.

Briquettes - Eco Nuggets

As a manufacturer of flooring, decking and skirting we generate a signifcant amount of offcuts in our mill and joinery workshop. As we specialise in hardwoods, in particular oak, many of these are of a very high quailty - perhaps too good to be used as simple firewood. As such, we have recently taken the decision to combine them with the sawdust we also create and produce our own 'eco-nuggets'.

The timber and sawdust is mechanically compressed, producing an extremely dense, dry and clean nugget, or briquette. These qualities mean they offer extremely high burn temperatures and are also very easy to ignite. They are so effective that they can even be used alongside those wet logs that you wouldn't otherwise be able to burn. 

The pellets are also easy to handle, can be broken down easily and come in absolutely no packaging other than an outer bag, increasing their eco-credentials even further. They are ideal for wood burners, traditional fires and chimineas. As they are so dry, they will need to be kept away from mositure, so please keep them under cover. They will typically be made up of around 95% oak.

Initially, our eco nuggets are being offered by the bulk bag. We will shortly be introducing different options, however, all of which can be delivered nationwide.

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