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Radiata pine decking

8 August 2014

We are now offering Radiata pine decking boards, supplied through an FSC accredited source.

The boards are cut from 'Radiata Pine' tree, (also known as Pinus Radiata, Insignis Pine and Monterey Pine), an unusually dense softwood species native to the Americas. As it is relatively easy to cultivate in moderate climates it has been introduced to many other regions, including Australasia, where a number of well-respected plantations now exist. Our decking is from New Zealand, which features the largest plantation of any species of timber in the world.

Radiate Pine Decking

The light, smooth aesthetic offered by the boards is well suited to contemporary properties. They look particulalry good on a roof deck or terrace.

Radiata pine decking is available in generous 4.8m lengths and offered in smooth/reeded and smooth/grooved profiles. It is available at just £22/m2.

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