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Discounts on Heveatech Engineered Decking

29 August 2014

As an introductory promotion, we are offering a 10% discount on the eco-friendly Heveatech Engineered Decking Boards we exclusively supply.

Heveatech Decking

Our 145 x 20mm FSC Certified Heveatech decking has a list price of £44.50/m2, but is currently available at £40.05/m2. If you are looking for a wider board, the 195 x 20mm Heveatech Decking is now on offer at £43.65, reduced from £48.50/m2.

Heveatech is proving to be a popular innovation in the decking market. Unlike other environmentally friendly options it boasts an authentic, natural appearance, is exceedingly durable and is no harder on the pocket than traditional hardwood decking boards.

The timber used for Heveatech is cut from the ‘Hevea Brasiliensis,’ better known as the ‘Rubber Tree’. This species has a typical rubber or latex producing lifespan of 25-30 years, after which they have historically been felled and used for firewood, or even discarded.

Instead, this timber is now cut into small layers, which are bonded together under extreme compression and finished with a solid veneer.  The result is an engineered, yet natural, decking board with a uniform moisture content.

The stability this provides is highly sought after, as even the toughest standard decking boards can be subject to movement. It also means that Heveatech is ideal for use with hidden fastenings, such as the Archideck and Sharkstooth systems Round Wood supply. Both allow your deck to be displayed to its full potential by cutting out the need for unsightly face screws.

Heveatech boards are supplied with a Danish finish one side, reeded on the other. Typical lengths are 3m, 4m and 4.9m.  Heveatech joists are also available.

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