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Why choose Engineered Flooring

4 April 2015

We take a look why engineered flooring boards are now far more popular than their traditional, solid equivalents. 

Stability benefits

Our engineered flooring has a cross bonded multi-ply backing, which adds strength and durability to the oak veneer and overall floorboard. This engineered flooring can be fitted straight from the pack, so there is no need to acclimatise it for weeks before laying. Once laid you can add a tint or clear oil to create the required overall finish, and would be hard pushed to distinguish the difference between engineered and solid flooring.


Use with underfloor heating

As above, not only does the cross bonded multi-ply backing provide strength, but additionally the layers are easier for the heat to penetrate and for you to feel the benefit. Timber has a naturally warmer feel than other flooring compatible with underfloor heating such as tiles, adding to the benefit.


Long lasting

There are countless reasons why engineered flooring is the preference for many, including the ability to “patch up” scratches. This can be done by simply sanding the area and re-applying treated hard wax oil, unlike laminate or tile where only a replacement tile or board would be sufficient. We also provide a treatex oil hardener to toughen the surface, perfect for high traffic areas.


Adaptable with changing tastes

When buying a floor, we all expect it to last the test of time. The great advantage of engineered oak and walnut flooring is the ability to stain the timber when styles and tastes change, allowing you to renovate a room by simply re-oiling your floor.

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