Engineered Oak and Walnut Flooring Boards

Pictured: Pre-Oiled 189mm Engineered Oak Flooring, (in low light conditions).
Engineered flooring boards should not be confused with far inferior laminates. They consist of a cross bonded backing for added stability and a thick wear layer of oak, making them indeterminable from solid boards once fitted. Although originally innovated for use with under floor heating, engineered Oak and Walnut boards are now often specified in situations where a solid board would have been appropriate as they are easier to fit, (can be floated, glued or nailed). Engineered flooring can also be used straight from the pack, as its stability means it requires no time to adjust to room temperature. Our engineered flooring is supplied in mixed grade packs which incorporate Prime, Character and Rustic grades.
Pre-Oiled Oak Unfinished Oak Handscraped Oak Walnut Bespoke range
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