Oak Framed Garages

2-bay oak framed garage complex with first floor and storage areas
Buying an oak framed garage can seem a daunting task, particularly if you are not entirely sure of your requirements. As such, we provide a number of single storey guide designs for those in need of inspiration or help getting started. Links to these can be found below, along with further information on 2-storey oak frames and bespoke structures and complexes. Our guide designs can be altered to meet any requirement, including modifying the footprint to suit the size of your plot. Whatever oak framed building you opt for, you will be required to make several specifications regarding weatherboard, bricks, tiles and cross section. Our team are equally as happy to guide you through the process from beginning to end, or allow to you manage the project completely if you would simply like us to produce the frame.
1-Bays 2-Bays 3-Bays 4-Bays
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