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The Eco-friendly Green Tones Planter Range

Eco-friendly Planters

Become a greener gardener with our stylish yet eco-friendly range of plant pots. Made from Bamboo Fibre, our Green Tones selection comprises of biodegradable planters in a variety of attractive colours. The small sizing makes them ideal for indoor planting to hold cactus, herbs and other particular seedlings.

Eco-friendly Planters Photo Gallery

Eco-friendly Planters; Mini Classic Pots
Eco-friendly Planters; Purple Small Square Pots
Eco-friendly Planters; Classic & Mini Classic Pots

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Getting to know Green Tones Planters

Our eco-friendly planters are part of the durable Green Tones range which is made entirely of Bamboo Fibre. This biodegradable matieral is non-toxic and a recycled alternative to plastic, glassware and ceramics. A typical batch of Bamboo Fibre comprises:

  • 63% Bamboo powder - This is achieved by grinding down decommissioned/sterilised bamboo products, such as chopsticks, tablemats and scaffolding.
  • 20% organic resin - Melamine.
  • Cornstarch 10% - Helps bind the material and aids biodegradability.
  • 6% Water - A few drops of H2O helps keep the composite malleable for the moulding process.
  • 0.5% Water based paint - A natural, acrylic paint that is water based (or waterborne). Contains only natural resins and pigments that are certified foodsafe according to ROHS, REACH and FDA standards.
  • 0.5% Natural Toner - Additional organic pigment that helps us achieve those striking colours. Also tested to ROHS, REACH and FDA standards.

When it comes to eventually disposing of your Green Tones planter, it will breakdown and biodegrade in landfill over 3-5 years.

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