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Thermory® Flooring

Thermory® Flooring

It is not just thermo-treated decking and cladding we offer, we also supply flooring boards from the Thermory collection for internal use. The thermo-treated Ash, which is currently offered in 150mm and 190mm wide boards, is a far more stable than its solid counterparts. With its rich, dark tones this board can warm any room or build and what’s more, it’s easy to install and does not require an adjustment time.

Thermory® Flooring Photo Gallery

Thermory® Thermo-Medium Treated Ash Flooring
Thermory® Thermo-Treated Ash Flooring
Thermory® Thermo-Treated Ash Flooring

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What is Thermory Flooring?

Thermo-modified timbers offer an alternative to standard impregnated timbers and are an ever-popular method as it is a chemical-free process that makes use of timber sourced from well-managed American and European forests (endangered rainforest wood is not used) and provides no waste.

Thermo-treated Ash has been modified with steam and computer-controlled kilns which exposes the timber to intense heat treatment (temperatures up to 215°C) making the timber less likely to rot, warp, bow, twist or shrink due to its higher dimensional stability and lower moisture content.

Like all-natural timber, Thermory® unfinished flooring boards will begin to gently weather down once installed and exposed to day-to-day life. Such weathering includes; an attractive silvering/greying and the development of small, surface hairline cracks. Whilst many prefer to allow this appearance to develop, it can be kept minimal through regular application of Thermory® Thermo-wood oil. These boards can also be sanded back at any time to restore the original eye-catching tones.

Thermo-treated products include; Decking, Flooring and Internal and External Cladding. All offer excellent durability, outstanding value and a high end, contemporary finish.

Thermory Flooring boards can be used in compliment with underfloor heating systems and can even be installed in bathrooms, although these boards will require oiling and sealing to avoid moisture damage.

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