Square & Linear Metres


Our decking prices are displayed per square metre (m2) on our category pages as this is the unit of measurement that deck areas are generally considered in.

To calculate the square metre size of an area to be decked, simply measure its length and width in metres and multiply the two together.

Your boards will lie along, or in the direction of, your decks ‘length’ and across its ‘width’.


A ‘linear metre’ (lm) of decking board simply provides a ‘run’ of one metre at the face width of the board in question, (i.e. 140mm). Your linear metre requirement is the run you would achieve if you laid all the boards you need to cover your decking area end-to-end.

So, if you need 50 boards at a length of 3-metres, your requirement is 150 linear metres. The square metre coverage this will achieve when the boards are laid side by side depends on the face width of the decking in question.


Please note that we fulfil all orders using an exact tally of boards from our available stock, matching your requirements as best as possible. As such, we convert all square metre orders to linear metres and round all linear metre orders to the nearest board. We are unable to cut boards down from their stock sizes.

For more information on conversion, see our Square to Linear Conversion guide.

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