Square Metre Pricing

All decking boards should be fitted with appropriate spacing to allow for the contraction and expansion that occurs within any timber.

Whilst the spacing used can vary according to taste and the timber in question, particularly when hidden fastenings are used, we always allow 5mm for the purposes of our calculations.

This is an industry average at which most boards can be satisfactorily laid when fastened with screws.

It is important to note that our square metre prices are derived from our linear metre rate, taking spacing into account. For more information on conversion see our Square to Linear Conversion guide.

This means that if you order decking to cover a 50m2 area, the amount you receive takes into account a 5mm space between each board. As such, if you laid your boards flush alongside one another, without a gap, you would not cover the entire area.

This does not mean that you are paying for ‘fresh air’ if you order an amount in m2. You are simply paying for the timber you need.

If we calculated our prices without taking spacing into consideration, our square metre rates would actually be more expensive, as this example shows:

140mm Balau Decking = £5.29 per linear metre
Square metre conversion allowing for 5mm spacing: £5.29 x (1000 ÷ (140mm + 5mm)) = £36.50
Square metre conversion not allowing for spacing: £5.29 x (1000 ÷ 140) = £37.80

Please note that m2 prices are rounded to nearest five pence for calculation purposes.

For the avoidance of any confusion, we always recommend that you always order in linear metres.

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