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Faux Lead Clayfibre Chelsea Rectangular Trough Garden Planter
Faux Lead Clayfibre Chelsea Rectangular Trough Garden Planter
Faux Lead Clayfibre Chelsea Rectangular Trough Garden Planters
Faux Lead Clayfibre Chelsea Rectangular Trough Garden Planter (uneven edges)

Clayfibre Chelsea Trough Planter

  • Product Code
  • CFCT50
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Product Summary
  • *Our current two batches of the 50cm can vary in finish with some displaying a slight sheen - selection service not available*
  • Clayfibre Planter
  • Trough/Rectangular
  • Faux Lead effect (Grey/Silver)
  • Subject to colour and shade variation, please see images
  • 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm & 100cm
  • Classic Chelsea design
  • Pre-drilled drainage holes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Frost & UV resistant
  • Please note: the 50cm model has been discounted due to uneven edges
  • We recommended to line the planter with polystyrene
Dimensions & Weight (Approx.)
  • CFCT50 - 50 x 16 x H.18cm (4kg)
  • CFCT60 - 60 x 22 x H.25cm (7kg)
  • CFCT70 - 70 x 27 x H.29cm (10kg)
  • CFCT80 - 80 x 36 x H.35cm (15kg)
  • CFCT100 - 100 x 46 x H.45cm (21kg)
Clayfibre is manufactured using environmentally friendly materials and techniques that require only of 10% the energy used for ceramic and plastic equivalents. Clayfibre is closer in weight to lead than their Fibreglass models, yet still lightweight enough to be easily portable before potting. Please note that as a natural product Clayfibre can be subject to size variation of approximately 10%. Whilst we describe the colour of Clayfibre as Faux Lead (Grey/Silver), colour/shade variations will occur, even in planters manufactured from the same batch. Colour will dull down over time as the planter is exposed to moisture. Clayfibre can have some uneven edges and the natural material fibres can sometimes be visible on the planters interior. If you require a more uniform material please view our Fibrestone range.
The naturally retained salts in Clayfibre will ensure a gentle and attractive aging process that may see only a slight dulling of colour. As the salts are released naturally, these planters can be wiped down with a damp cloth as the occur.

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