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Thermory® Thermo-Wood Oil

Thermory® Thermo-Wood Oil

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Product Information
  • A water-based blend of natural oils
  • Weather-resistant
  • Designed for use with Thermory/ thermo-treated timber
  • Coverage: Approx. 30/m2 tub (1 Coat)
  • Available in dark pigment and natural shades
  • Provides a velvety coating
  • Quick-drying
  • Deep penetrating
  • Free of solvents/cobalt
  • No lamination or flaking risk
  • Tested to DIN EN 71-3 ‘Safety of Toys’ Directive
Any natural decking product begins to weather once exposed to the elements. Lignin, a substance that binds the fibres in timber, is split by UV-Rays, softened by humidity and ultimately washed away by rainfall. Whitish cellulose fibres are left behind, which slowly erode to form a silvery, relief type surface which highlights the grain of the wood. Surface cracks also appear as a result of the swelling and contraction of timber in a varying climate. Whilst they can never be halted, these weathering processes, (which have no structural impact), can be significantly delayed through the application of thermo-wood oil on a regular basis. Decks should also be kept clean of any moisture attracting debris such as pine needles and leaves.
Available Shades
  • Dark Pigment - Recommended for use with Thermo-Treated Ash decking boards
  • Natural - Recommended for use with Thermo-Treated Pine decking boards
  • Can be flooded, dipped or painted, (recommended)
  • Deck boards must be oiled on both sides
  • Touch dry after 3 hours
  • Second coat can be applied after 8 hours, (delay if air is very moist)
  • No sanding required between coats
  • Application: 120-160ml per m2, over TWO treatments
  • If recent rainfall has occurred, allow 3 days of dry weather before applying

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