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150 x 21mm Thermory® Thermo-Treated Ash Timber Flooring
150 x 21mm Thermory® Thermo-Treated Ash Timber Flooring
150 x 21mm Thermory® Thermo-Treated Ash Timber Flooring
150 x 21mm Thermory® Thermo-Treated Ash Timber Flooring

150 x 21mm Thermory® Thermo-Treated Ash Flooring

  • £71.99 per m2
  • Product Code
  • 8800b
  • Board Width
  • 150mm
  • Thickness
  • 21mm
All prices include VAT but exclude delivery
Product Information
  • 150mm x 21mm thermo-treated flooring boards
  • Cut from Ash
  • Solid board, with engineered characteristics
  • From the Thermory® collection
  • Eco-friendly
  • Outstanding durability
  • Dark, rich finish, outstanding grain detail
  • Tongue & groove
  • Micro-bevel
  • Stress relief grooves on underside
  • Random lengths, (0.5m-2.4m)
  • Can be used with Under Floor Heating systems, Concrete/Screed subfloor must be fully dry
  • Call our friendly flooring team to place an order.
Thermory Product Specifications
  • F2 profile
  • ‘Intense’ colour shade
  • From the Tango Thermo-Ash range
Board Lengths
Please note that your order will be supplied in a mixture of lengths from 0.5m to 2.4m. We may have to adjust your final quantity slightly to tally with the boards we have been able to pick.
The Thermory® collection is produced by Brenstol, a Northern European manufacturer of profiled solid wood products. With more than 13 years of experience, it is one of the leading thermo-treated wood producers in Europe, offering a wide range of interior and exterior products. As a result of continuous product development, the Thermory® collection offers beautiful, durable and functional timber that is environmentally sound. All items are free of chemicals, harmless to use and do not originate from endangered rainforests.
Thermo-Treated Ash
Thermory® only use high quality ash (both heartwood and sapwood) for their flooring boards, harvested from well-managed forests in North-America where good growing conditions and strict drying standards are maintained. This range has been subjected to their ‘intense’ thermo-treatment’, which heats and steams materials up to a maximum temperature of 215°C, ensuring maximum stability and a dark, rich colour throughout the timber. This chemical free process also ensures a low moisture content, removes resin, reduces splitting strength and improves durability against decay. The end result is the transformation of responsibly sourced ash into an extremely durable flooring board.
Colour Variation
As a natural wood product, thermo-treated flooring is subject to colour variation. This is due to variances in the shading of the raw timber and its density and composition, as this impacts on the degree of darkening brought about by thermo-treatment process. Colour variation can vary from board to board and even within the same piece. Please note, this is not considered a defect.
In addition to improving dimensional stability, thermo-treatment lowers the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) of the timber. As such, thermo-treated flooring is far less liable to shrink and expand that its traditional counterparts. It should, however, still be acclimatised at room temperature for at least 7 days.
Fitting Methods
  • Floating: Lay directly over underlay with just the tongues glued. If being laid over concrete, a polyethylene foam underlay with a moisture barrier should be used. A continuous bead of glue to the groove on both length and end joints is all that is required. A blue painter tape can be used to prevent boards moving around while the glue dries. Avoid large variations in ambient humidity.
  • Bonding: Glue directly to an existing wooden floor or concrete surface. The subfloor must be even, flat and clean and a levelling compound used to fill any cracks. Glue should be applied evenly, in small areas at any one time. Any excess glue residue should be removed with a mineral spirit.
  • Secret nailing: Use a porta-nailer to drive 50mm nails through the tongues into a timber subfloor. It is recommended that a waxy paper is laid waxy face down between the subfloor and boards to prevent moisture transference. The substrate moisture content should be below 10%. First and last rows should be face fixed, with the holes covered by a filler.
Fitting Information
Whilst thermos-treated boards are extremely stable, we still recommend an expansion gap of 5mm, (spacers can be used). If fitting to screed, please ensure sufficient drying time has been allowed. In certain environments a damp proofer may be required, such as Lecol's PU280 Primer.
Themory® Hardwood Flooring is supplied unoiled, allowing it to be finished on site to exact specifications. We recommend using 10% diluted Treatex Hard Wax oil for the first coat. The clear version improves surface durability whilst bringing out the timbers deep, rich colour tones and grain. It also inhibits short term fluctuation in moisture content. In high footfall areas, Treatex hardening additive should be added to the oil.
Thermory® Flooring comes cleanly planed and pre sanded. Nevertheless, as this product has bevelled edges, contractors may find it necessary to apply a light sanding prior to the application of oil to even out any subtle height differences among planks. As the sanding dust is very fine, we recommend that installers use a high quality dust containment system throughout any sanding process and wear a dust mask. As with all wood floors, colour may change slightly over time as a result of oxidation and/or prolonged exposure to sunlight. This is not a defect, but a natural property of wood. Whilst some lightening is inevitable, it can be delayed through the application of oil. It can also a good idea to rotate rugs and furniture to ensure even exposure to light throughout the room. To restore the floor, sand off the finish to reveal its original colour.
Maintenance Tips
  • Use only the cleaning and maintenance products recommended by the finish manufacturer and follow their instructions on long term care.
  • Cleaning products made for tile or vinyl floors are rarely compatible with wood floors and finishes. Avoid cleaners that might abrade the finish or the surface of the wood.
  • Do not allow your floor to become exposed to water as it may damage the finish, adhesive and/or cause irreparable damage to the wood.
  • Never wet mop your floor. Wipe up spills and standing water as quickly as possible. Make sure to maintain and repair any plumbing, appliances, or structural fixtures that might leak water.
  • Install soft protectors on furniture legs to prevent scratching, scuffing and denting. When moving furniture, try to pick it up completely to avoid scraping the feet across the floor.
  • Avoid walking on your floor with athletic cleats, high heels, tap shoes or any footwear in need of repair.
  • Keep the floor free of sand and dirt by dry mopping the floor regularly.
  • Lay walk-off mats in front of doorways leading outside.
  • Lay down area rugs in areas of high traffic and in front of sinks. Rugs should be moved periodically if area is exposed to regular sunlight to minimize the effects of colour change over time.
  • Repair damaged areas of your floor according to the instructions provided by the finish manufacturer. Small scratches may be spot sanded and refinished.

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