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Box of 100 Deckwise Extreme4 Hidden Deck Fastenings
Box of 185 Deckwise Extreme4 Hidden Deck Fastenings
Box of 555 Deckwise Extreme4 Hidden Deck Fastenings

100-BL - Deckwise Extreme4 Hidden deck fastenings - 100pcs

  • Product Code
  • DWEX4-100-BL
  • Pack Size
  • Box of 100   £60.00 per each
    Box of 185   £108.00 per each
    Box of 555   £312.00 per each
All prices include VAT but exclude delivery
Product Summary
  • Deckwise Hidden Deck Fastenings
  • The Pack of 100 includes:100 black fasteners, 100 stainless trim screws & an instruction sheet - 90mm wide board = 3.3m2 coverage, 140mm wide board = 5.2m2 coverage (405mm Joist spacing)
  • The Pack of 185 includes: 185 black fasteners, 200 stainless trim screws, 1 T15 star drive screwgun tip, 1 1/8" high speed drill bit, 12 3/8" Ipe plugs, 3 red spacer 4mm tools & 1 instruction sheet, 90mm wide board = 5.8m2 coverage, 140mm wide board = 9.2m2 (405mm joist spacing)
  • The Pack of 555 includes: 555 black fasteners, 600 stainless trim screws, 3 star drive screwgun tips, 3 3.2mm high speed drill bits, 6 red spacer 4mm tools & 1 instruction sheet, 90mm wide board = 17.4m2 coverage, 140mm wide board = 27.6m2 (405mm joist spacing)
  • Hidden Fixing
The Decking Hidden Fastenings
A complete kit to make fixing your Ipe deck easy, and the finished area looking great. The hidden fixings simple slot into the edge groove of Ipe (whether pre-machined or produced on site) to fix boards into place without having to compromise the face with unsightly screws. Only the edge boards need face screwing and plugging, all of which is included in the 185 pack.

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