Staddle stone

300mm Granite Tall Staddle Stone 235/250mm

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  • STAT006
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Product Summary
  • Tapered profile
  • Cut from single piece of Granite
  • 16mm Steel rod for fixing - protrudes 30mm
  • Produced exclusively for Round Wood
  • Various sizes available
  • **Please note that machining imperfections can occur due to the natural material**
Dimensions & Weight
  • STAT006 - 235mm at top, 250mm wide at base, H.300mm
Staddle Stones
Staddle Stones were originally used to raise barns & granaries. This prevented rats and mice from climbing into the buildings and ensured damp didn’t damage crops/products. Many are still used in a functional capacity, supporting uprights and king posts in oak framed buildings. Staddle stones are also now a popular garden ornament, particularly in the Mushroom style.
As these staddle stones are made from natural granite, please note that the colour can vary. As shown in the pictures above they can have a different surface finish from the way they are cut. Please also note there may be some size variation of up to 20%. We store our staddle stones outside, where they can begin to weather. If you are using stones in close proximity, and require a close colour match please contact us prior to purchasing. We do allow for small chips and uneven edges.
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