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115 x 26mm Thermory® Thermo-Treated Pine Decking
115 x 26mm Thermory® Thermo-Treated Pine Decking
Thermory® Thermo-Treated Pine Decking with Thermory® TENI Clips
Thermory® Thermo-Treated Pine Decking with Thermory® TENI Clips

Thermory® Thermo-Treated Pine Decking D34 Profile

  • Product Code
  • 8756b
  • Size
  • 115 x 26mm   £46.62 per m2
    140 x 26mm   £51.46 per m2
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Product Information
  • Thermo-treated decking boards
  • Cut from Pine
  • From the Thermory® collection
  • Eco-friendly
  • Outstanding durability
  • Smooth both sides
  • Available in 4.5m and 5.5m lengths
  • Call our friendly decking team to place an order.
Thermory Product Specifications
  • D34 profile
  • From the Sahara Thermo-Pine range
The Thermory® collection is produced by Brenstol, a Northern European manufacturer of profiled solid wood products. With more than 13 years of experience, it is one of the leading thermo-treated wood producers in Europe, offering a wide range of interior and exterior products. As a result of continuous product development, the Thermory® collection offers beautiful, durable and functional timber that is environmentally sound. All items are free of chemicals, harmless to use and do not originate from endangered rainforests.
Thermo-Treated Pine
Thermory® only use high quality spruce for their decking boards, harvested from well-managed forests in Finland and Russia where good growing conditions and strict drying standards are maintained. This range has been subjected to their ‘intense’ thermo-treatment’, which heats and steams materials up to a maximum temperature of 215°C, ensuring maximum stability. This chemical free process also ensures a low moisture content, removes resin, reduces splitting strength and improves durability against decay. The end result is the transformation of responsibly sourced and fast growing pine, a softwood, into a decking material with class 2 durability credentials equal to hardwoods.
Like all natural decking, Thermory® will begin to gently weather down once installed. This will include an attractive silvering/greying and the development of small, surface hairline cracks. Whilst many prefer to allow this appearance to develop, it can be checked through the regular application of Thermory® Thermo-wood oil. The boards can be sanded back at any time to restore the original tones. The surface should be kept clean of leaves, pine needles and any debris that can hold moisture and attract mould and mildew. Barbecue spills, wines, condiments, dog nails, high heels, etc. can stain and scratch the surface. Most of these will fade and become less noticeable over time. Deeper scratches and stains can be blended with a light sanding.
Fitting Information
115 x 26mm thermo-treated decking should be fitted using the hidden Thermory® TENI system. Boards should be fitted perpendicularly onto joists at 400mm centres. Spacing of 6mm should always be allowed. It is essential that air can circulate under the decking, allowing the relative humidity above and below to fluctuate evenly. Do not trap moisture beneath the deck. Ensure support joists do not sit directly on the surface.
TENI® Clip
The THERMORY TENI® Clip creates a beautiful screwless decking surface with a 6mm gap. Single boards are effortlessly easy to replace, without the need to remove neighbouring boards.

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