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Thermory® Decking TENI Clip
Thermory® Decking TENI Clip

Thermory® TENI Clip

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Product Information
  • Unique Thermory® Teni Clip Hidden Fixing System
  • Designed for use with D34 profile decking boards
  • Easy installation
  • No visible screws
  • Easy to replace
  • Quick installation without specialized tools
  • The 8mm clip height helps prevent wood to wood contact, ensuring proper
  • ventilation
  • The clips avoid chain reaction by allowing each board to move independently
  • Boards are suspended by the clips, allowing for the slight swelling or shrinking, that occurs naturally
Thermory® TENI Clips are screwed into the joists at the pre-defined drill points,with a maximum angle of 65° taking care to leave a 6mm gap between the boards.

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