Red Pebbles
Yellow Pebbles
Yellow Pebbles
Red Pebbles

1kg Bag of 3-5cm Polished Pebbles (Red or Yellow)

  • Product Code
  • PST1.3-5R
  • Planter Type
  • Accessory
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Product Summary
  • 3-5cm Polished Pebbles
  • Available in red or yellow
  • Sizes are approximate and can vary
  • 1kg bag
  • Due to variation from bag to bag, we are unable to specify the amount of pebbles in each
Dimensions & Weight (Approx.)
  • PST1.3-5R: 3-5cm - 1kg (Red)
  • PST1.3-5Y: 3-5cm - 1kg (Yellow)
Polished Pebbles
These polished pebbles are tumbled to form a smooth pebble, as a natural product these stones have colour variation and will include a mix of similar shades in each bag. Please note the natural white option is not brilliant white. They are perfect for topping plant pots, beds, boarders and water features.
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