sharkstooth router bit

Sharkstooth Router Bit

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Product Information
  • Hardwood slot cutter
  • Router bit
  • Used to prevent splitting occurring in hardwood decking boards
Manufacturer instructions
  • Fit the bit to a router, set the height so the bottom of the slot is 10mm up from the bottom of the deck board
  • Position two boards where they are to be installed, leaving an approximate 60mm gap between them
  • Straddle the boards with the router . Where the fastener is to penetrate, cut a 30-40mm long slot into the side of the first board and the directly across into the second
  • Work your way down the boards, cutting one slot in each per joist.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for correct use of the routing machine
  • Wear eye, ear and dust protection
  • Turn off router at the power supply before changing or setting the blade
  • Do not overload cutter by forcing it into the timber
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