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140 x 20mm C24 Thermory® Ignite Pine Timber Cladding
140 x 20mm C24 Thermory® Ignite Pine Timber Cladding
140 x 20mm C24 Thermory® Ignite Pine Timber Internal Cladding
140 x 20mm C24 Thermory® Ignite Pine Timber External Cladding

140 x 20mm C24 Thermory® Ignite Spruce Cladding

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Product Information
  • Thermo-treated Spruce cladding boards
  • 140mm x 20mm section (132mm face)
  • Suitable for Internal and External applications
  • Tongue & groove profile
  • Cut from Picea Abies Spruce timber
  • From the Thermory® Rebel Collection
  • Back of the boards oiled
  • eco-friendly
  • Fitting method: Nails / Screws
Ignite by Thermory® offers the shockingly realistic look of charred wood, without the flames. Ignite Cladding mimics the traditional look of shou sugi ban (ancient method of wood preservation using fire to char timber) with the added benefits of thermal modification
The Look Without The Torch
Ignite is created with a flame-free process. Each board is embossed, brushed and tinted to create the signature dragon scale texture that looks nearly identical to charred wood. This process is done by wood experts,resulting in product that leaves no messy residue that typically results from charring wood
Key Features
  • Chemical free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Outstanding durability
  • Reduced moisture absorbency
  • Sustainable
  • Responsibly harvested
  • 25+ years of rot resistance
The Thermory® collection is produced by Brenstol, a Northern European manufacturer of profiled solid wood products. With more than 13 years of experience, it is one of the leading thermo-treated wood producers in Europe, offering a wide range of interior and exterior products. As a result of continuous product development, the Thermory® collection offers beautiful, durable and functional timber that is environmentally sound. All items are free of chemicals, harmless to use and do not originate from endangered rainforests.
Fitting Information
  • To avoid moisture accumulation, sufficient airflow is needed behind the boards
  • Boards can be installed using stainless steel nails or screws
  • For very wet areas it is optional to use a 1mm spacer between boards
Board lengths
Our Thermo-Treated cladding boards are available in various lengths. Precise stocks do vary, but we will always do our best to match your required tally. Please ensure that your fitter has the correct tools on site to cut the boards down if required

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