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Mild Steel Fire Pit (MSFP) Bundle Deal
Outdoor Garden Burners; Mild Steel Firepit
Mild Steel Weathering Process
Mild Steel Fire Pit Bonfire Burner Outdoor Heater

BUNDLE DEAL!! Mild Steel Fire Pit, Stand, Eco-Nuggets and Fire Lighters

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Bundle Contents
  • 1x Mild Steel Fire Pit (use the drop down menu to select size)
  • 1x W.43cm x H.20cm Iron Stand
  • 1x 14kg Box of Eco Nuggets
  • 1x Box of 60 Eco Firelighters
Fire Pit Overview
  • 2mm thick Mild Steel
  • Deep bowl design
  • Weathers to develop an attractive rust finish
  • Can be at any point throughout the weathering process when received
  • Not suitable for holding water, holes in the base for maximum air flow
  • Some edges might be uneven & very defined
  • If required, edges can be blunted immediately with a light sanding
  • 50cm: 50 x 50 x H.14.5cm - 2.9kg
  • 60cm: 60 x 60 x H.19cm - 4.5kg
  • 70cm: 70 x 70 x H.19.5cm - 6kg
  • 80cm: 80 x 80 x H.27cm - 8.10kg
  • 100cm: 100 x 100 x H.34cm - 15kg
  • 120cm: 120 x 120 x H.38cm - 19kg
Mild Steel Overview
These garden burners are hand worked from sheets of 2mm Mild/Carbon steel. The level of carbon introduced to this alloy, (approximately 0.2%), has been carefully balanced to provide durability, whilst ensuring it remains sufficiently malleable to achieve our distinctive bowl shape. The steel will continue to rust as soon as it is exposed to the elements. The striking patina this creates will continue to develop over many months, so we do not recommend that these burners are placed on surfaces that are liable to stain as run-off may occur.
Mild Steel Weathering Guide
  • Stage 1 - Freshly manufactured Mild Steel. At this stage, the material is a shiny silver.
  • Stage 2 - The silver is beginning to break down, as the Mild Steel begins to weather.
  • Stage 3 - The Mild Steel continues to develop, this can take around 3-6 months depending on weather and positioning.
  • Stage 4 - The final stages of the weathering process gives the Mild Steel a dark rust finish.
Iron Stand Overview
  • H.20cm x W.43cm
  • Weathers to develop a natural rust finish
  • Can be at any point throughout the weathering process when received
  • Raises fire pits off the ground
  • Aids cooking
  • Small feet for added stability
Eco Nugget Overview
  • Easy to ignite
  • Store in a dry location
  • Clean to handle
  • High burn temperatures
  • Low ash content
  • 90mm diameter by 50mm-150mm length compressed wood-dust briquettes
  • 100% recycled virgin sourced timber from our own workshops, predominantly oak, but may contain traces of softwood
Eco Firelighter Overview
  • Box contains 60 firelighters
  • Made from natural wood wool and paraffin wax
  • Burning time is up to 10 minutes
  • Typically 1-2 pieces are required to start a fire

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