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weo screws

Coloured Head Screws for Composite Cladding

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Product Information
  • 500 screws/unit + bit
  • WEO SR2 stainless steel screws, 4.2 x 38 mm
  • The selected stainless steel screws for WEO® cladding fasteners are nearly invisible thanks to their colour (same as boards).
  • Fasteners in the wave base blend into the facing. The screw fasteners make it possible to very easily adjust the gap between two boards with clips only.
Screws for WEO® composite cladding
  • WEO® composite cladding boards are very easily installed using their groove-tab nesting system. They fasten on wood or metal frameworks by simple screwing in the wave base using self-drilling screws that are the same colour as the boards. This simple, quick system not only adjusts the boards by setting the nesting depth but also provides very discreet fastening of boards for a nearly invisible finish.
  • The replacement of a composite board is also extremely simple, which facilitates maintenance operations. The centre-to-centre distance between supports is 40 cm or 60 cm depending on the external façade exposure.

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