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Bamboo new arrival

139 x18mm Bamboo Symphony Cladding

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  • FLX.2633
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  • Symphony 40   £10.68 per lm
    Symphony 60   £10.68 per lm
    Symphony 130   £10.68 per lm
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Product Information
  • 139mm x 18mm x 1.86m boards (130mm face coverage)
  • Sustainable, Very Stable, Hard, Renewable material
  • Interlocking false skeleton profiles
  • Installed using SYMPHONY stainless steel clips
  • Vertical and horizontal mounting
A Variety of Options
SYMPHONY cladding is very unique because it offers a wide variety of combinations for customizing your facade. Its compatible profiles allow you to create different patterns. The panels can be installed in a regular installation, using panels with the same widths, or in a rhythmic installation, using panels of varying widths. Using interlocking panels of varying widths creates an original and unique look. The cladding can also be installed both horizontally or vertically.
Bamboo Symphony Cladding
The cladding is produced by heating bamboo fibers to a very high temperature (200°C) in order to make them insensitive to mold and fungi. The thermo-treated bamboo fibers are then pressed together and combined with a phenolic resin. The result is a particularly stable and durable material, perfectly suited for use in outdoor applications, such as facade cladding.
Finish and Installation
SYMPHONY planks are offered with a matte oiled finish. They are mounted using completely invisible stainless steel clips

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