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*SALE* 145mm x 21mm Balau Hardwood Decking
145mm x 21mm Balau Hardwood Decking
145mm x 21mm Balau Hardwood Decking

145 x 21mm Balau Decking - **SALE**

  • £42.02 per m2£6.30 per linear
  • Product Code
  • 10000
  • Profile
  • Smooth/Smooth
  • Board Width
  • 145mm
  • Thickness
  • 21mm
All prices include VAT but exclude delivery
Product Information
  • Price reduced from £6.75 +VAT per linear m
  • Nominal 145mm x 21mm balau decking boards
  • Smooth both faces
  • Eased edges
  • Extremely dense & durable hardwood
  • Naturally resistant to insect and fungal attack
  • Some boards can show signs of weathering and uneven edges that can be sanded down on site, after installation
  • We offer skimming service, which will rejuvenate those beautiful balau Deck boards by shaving off the weathered layer and regularising them to 140mm x 19mm
  • Call our friendly Sales Team to place an order
Board Details
Our balau boards tend to range from light through to dark brown. When the different shades are fitted together, an impressive and contemporary look that is particularly striking in the wet is achieved. Grading guidelines allow for balau to contain small holes known as pinworm – these are in no way detrimental to the structure of the timber.
Board Lengths
Balau boards are generally between two and five metres in length. Precise stocks do vary, but we will always do our best to match your required tally. Please note that decking boards may be supplied over length, so you will need to ensure that your fitter has the correct tools on site to cut them down.
Balau Balustrading
We offer a unique range of decking components to complement your deck including Balau handrail, baserail, posts, spindles and infill. For more information, visit our Decking Components section.
Hardwood Decking Wrench
We recommend installing your decking boards with the hardwood decking wrench. This is a self-locking deck board straightening tool that can be used to hold bent boards straight whilst fasteners are installed. See associated products below. We also offer a hire service.
Fitting Methods
  • Face Screwing: The traditional method. Simply screw through the face of the board into your sub-frame, plugging the hole if required. Always Pilot Drill before fitting screws and drill 2mm oversize holes. We recommend 400mm centre to centre joist spacing.
Fitting Information
Whilst balau is an extremely stable hardwood, we recommend that you leave a 6mm gap between each board. Being a natural product there will be some expansion and shrinkage in certain climates. Please note that as hardwood specialists, we do not stock softwood for sub-frames. We recommend that you source this from a standard timber merchant.
Finishing Methods
  • Decking oil: The most common finish for any hardwood deck. This product contains UV filters to delay the silvering process that strong sunlight causes in any hardwood.

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