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8cm Louvre Easter Island Head Statues - Black, White, Grey or Dark Grey

8cm Louvre Easter Island Head Statue

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  • EAS004B
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Product Summary
  • 8cm tall
  • Hand crafted in resin
  • Frost proof
  • Range exclusive to Round Wood
  • Recreation of Moai statues found on Easter Island by Captain Cook
  • Design theme believed to date back to around 1250 AD
  • This model is themed on the style of Easter Island Head on display in the Louvre in Paris
  • Please note some colours may vary slightly
Dimensions & Weight
  • EAS004DG - 4 x 4 x H.8 cm - 0.3 kg
History of Moai Statues
It is widely believed that the inhabitants of the Polynesian Island of Rapa Nui, (Easter Island), carved 'Moai Statues', or Easter Island Heads, between 1250 and 1500 to commemorate their ancestors. The first European to lay eyes on one of the imposing figures - described as heads given their disproportionate appearance - was the Dutch explorer Roggeveen in 1722. When Captain Cook landed just over 50 years later, many had been toppled. The largest of the Moai statues - which feature elongated eyebrow ridges and other enlarged features - stands over 10m tall. Their construction and transport is seen as one of the great feats of mankind.
Round Wood Easter Island Heads
The miniatures are themed on the rarer, rounder style, an outstanding example of which can be found in the Louvre in Paris. This version is hand crafted from solid resin, giving them a weighty feel. Colouration is achieved through hand staining in layers. If these statues are kept outside the finish may dull or patinate over time, but this will only serve to enhance the natural, authentic finish.
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