Terracotta Warrior Set
15cm Terracotta Warrior Set mini statue
15cm Terracotta Warrior miniature statue set
15cm Terracotta Warrior statue miniature set

Set of Terracotta Warrior Statues

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  • TER009
  • Scale
  • Desktop/Miniature
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Product Summary
  • 12cm Terracotta Warrior Set
  • 5 Figures: Officer, Infantryman, Crossbowman, Wizard & Horse
  • Hand crafted in resin
  • Authentic reproduction, traditional craftsmanship
  • Provided in presentation case
  • Exclusive to Round Wood
Dimensions & Weight (Approx.)
  • TER003: 4 x 3 x H.11.5cm - 0.1 kg
  • TER004: 4 x 3 x H.10.5 cm - 0.1 kg
  • TER005: 4 x 3 x H.11.5 cm - 0.1 kg
  • TER006: 4 x 3.5 x H.8 cm - 0.1 kg
  • HORSE: 3.5 x 9 x H.8 cm - 0.1 kg
  • Box Size: L.24cm x W.13.5cm x H.3.6cm - 1kg
History of Terracotta Warriors
On 29th March 1974 seven Chinese farmers set about their daily business of digging irrigation wells in the parched landscape of Xi’an, Shaanxi province. Several hours later they had made one of the most important archaeological discoveries of modern times – an army of Terracotta Warriors. Yang Zhifa, now perhaps the most famous of the group, struck one of the warriors on the head after digging 15 metres below the surface. “Everyone was afraid to touch it,” says Yang Quanyi, another of the seven. "We thought it was a temple statue - a Buddha perhaps. The women thought it might bring a curse down on the village." Two years later, major excavation begun on the site and exposed a 14,000 square metre vault containing an army of 6,000 figures. Further exploration uncovered two smaller vaults and further units bringing the total to well over 8,000 men. Equipped with all the accoutrements of war including weapons, Terracotta Horses and Chariots, the army stood ready to march into the afterlife with their creator Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of modern day China. Huang, who brought the Empire together after conquering six provinces that neighboured his land, had something of an obsession with death, to the extent that he instructed a team of alchemists to discover the secret of immortality. On the chance that they were unsuccessful, he also ordered the construction of a life-size funerary army to ensure that he carried his military might beyond the grave. Typically, he spared no expense. The construction of the army took 700,000 workers 36 years to complete, with each warrior being painstakingly hand crafted according to their rank. They were stood in formation where they have remained, untouched and largely intact - save for some minor effects of pollution - since their Emperor’s death and subsequent entombment in 210BC. Of the seven farmers, four are still alive - Yang Zhifa amongst them. Alongside his remaining colleagues, he now signs autographs at the official museum on the Terracotta Warrior site after being taught to write his name by a Chinese Government official.
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