Pictured: Rewmar 16kg MS Polymer Adhesive

Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive 16kg

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Product Information
  • Rewmar MS Polymer Adhesive
  • Flexible Adhesive
  • 16kg Tub
  • One Part Ready to Use
Rewmar MS Polymer is a ready to use elastic wood flooring adhesive. It allows the flooring to move as the seasons change but it will not crack, and the floor will stay adhered to the subfloor. It is suitable for bonding both solid and engineered flooring 5-25mm thick. The maximum width that can be bonded is 180mm for solid and 300mm for engineered. It can be used on many porous and non porous substrates such as sand cement screeds, concrete, wood and chipboard. The subfloor must be even, dry, clean, smooth, sound and free from cracks.
  • Application method: 6 V notch trowel
  • Do not apply more adhesive than can be covered with flooring within 30 mins
  • Generally allow 10-15mm gap at all abutments
  • Always allow at least 24 hours before sanding
  • Ensure good transfer to the flooring, weights can be used if needed
  • If any adhesive is left on the surface of the wood it is easy to remove either wet or dry (following day) and no special chemicals are required.
  • Approximately 1m2 per kg

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