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Hatched Trough Planter - Granite

  • Product Code
  • TRO002
  • Trough Finish
  • Rough
  • Trough Shape
  • Rectangular
  • Size
  • Quantity
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Product Summary
  • Hatched Granite Trough
  • Hand finished hatch detail
  • Side drainage holes
  • Raised planting bed
  • Various sizes available
Dimensions & Weight
  • TRO002L -95-130 x 60 x H.35 cm - 350.0 kg
  • TRO002XL - 130-160 x 60 x H.35 cm - 500.0 kg
  • TRO002XXL - 160-200 x 60 x H.35 cm - 650.0 kg
  • See information below for further detail on sizes
  • Please contact us if you require an exact size
These troughs are cleaved whole from single pieces of granite. The random characteristics of this raw, entirely natural, material means that these troughs are not crafted to a single, set size so please allow for large differences.
Stone & Granite Troughs
Troughs were originally used to hold water for livestock. They can still now occasionally be seen in or alongside fields and barns holding water. In the early part of the 20th Century gardeners began converting troughs for use as planters, a concept that is now commonplace. Stone and granite troughs are particularly suited to the cultivation of alpine plants typically found in rocky, dry, cold habitats.
Granite is an extremely dense, igneous and crystalline rock that has so far only been found on earth. Its strength under compression has seen it used extensively in the construction industry. It has a rough texture, unless sanded to a smooth finish. Granite is typically grey but can include yellows, pinks and greens depending on its exact composition.
These troughs have been hand crafted from granite, a natural product with characteristics that are appreciated for their diversity. Please note that marked differences in texture, size and colour may exist between troughs, even if made from the same batch of raw granite. They may also feature marks, nicks and chips. This model of granite trough also carries hand carvings that vary in theme. If you are concerned about the finish of the trough you will receive, we recommend that you visit us before purchasing to view first hand.
These granite troughs feature a raised planting bed, reducing the quantity of soil or compost required. A side holes allow for drainage. If you are concerned about soil loss or unwelcome visits from pest such as slugs, these can be covered with a wire mesh. A 20mm base of ‘crock’ or rubble on the bed can aid watering. For a finishing touch, add a layer of gravel across the top.

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