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15% off Log Baskets

27 November 2015

We all love spending crisp cold evenings sitting in front of a glowing wood burner, watching the flames flicker; until you realise you need to go back into the cold for more logs. 

So why not treat yourself this winter to a wrought iron log basket, to keep your stove fuel nearby throughout the evening. All our fire baskets are hand wrought in iron, using traditional working methods. 

We are offering 15% OFF all designs throughout November and December 2015! The fire baskets come in two different designs, and a range of sizes too suit your home and fire stock needs. 



As well as being used for attractive wood storage, these baskets are also perfect in use as a Brazier. 

Braziers are more gothic versions of fire pits, providing a similar service of warmth in the garden. The sales of Braziers has risen since the popular ‘Game of thrones’ series was released – as they are featured in many episodes.

All of our Log Baskets / Braziers come with a FREE bag of Briquettes, to get you started. The Briquettes (eco-nuggets) are made from waste material produced in out mill, which is pressed to create a ‘nugget’. The eco-nuggets are not only a greener alternative to heat your home, but also create a fuel with a lower ash content than other timber alternatives. 

Claim your 15% OFF by shopping online here!

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50% OFF Eco-nuggets

23 November 2015

It seems as if winter has arrived overnight, leaving those of us with open fires and wood stoves beginning the annual search for cost effective fuel. 

Whilst logs tend to be readily available, they are difficult and dirty to store, prices are rising and quality can be variable (unless purchased from Round Wood!).

We believe our eco-nuggets are an ideal alternative. These high quality briquettes are recycled from high quality offcuts and sawdust generated in our oak frame and joinery workshops, so are eco-friendly, excellent value and extremely efficient.

For a limited period, we are offering discounts of up to 50% on pallets of our easy to handle 10kg sacks. Builder’s bags are also available.



Why choose Eco Nuggets/Briquettes?

In addition to the eco benefits of using recycled material as burning fuel, briquettes are extremely simple to light, meaning minimal kindling is needed. As the nugget catches fire, it begins to swell and break down producing a high burning temperature, in turn generating more heat into the room. 


These eco-nuggets allow you to have more control over your fire, unlike large logs which have a slow burning rate and low heat dispersion. When purchasing your fuel, eco nuggets are available in small 10kg bags, making them easy to stack and store throughout the winter. Pallet loads of sacks are available, as well as builder’s bags.


How to maximise your stoves efficiency.

There are a number of ways to improve your stoves output, including the use of a Heat Powered Stove Fan in conjunction with your eco-nuggets. The Stove Fan works by sitting on top of your wood burning stove, heating the base of the Stove Fan. The heated metal then reacts with the thermo-strip, driving the motor and spinning the blades. This pushes the warm air rising from the stove into the room, providing a more consistent temperature.


Can I use Briquettes in addition to Off-cuts? 

Yes. Many customers choose to use our Briquettes when first lighting the fire, to increase the room temperature faster. Logs or off-cuts are then used to keep the fire ‘ticking over’ to maintain a comfortable room temperature. Again if the fire needs a boost, briquettes can be used as and when required. Briquettes are also ideal to use with damp logs that need a boost.




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Thermo-treated range added

30 October 2015

We have recently introduced a new collection of eco-friendly timber products from Thermory, including decking, cladding and flooring.

 Thermo-Treated Pine Decking

The shift in demand towards environmentally friendly and sustainable timber products has seen a number of innovations introduced to the market over recent years. These have included composite and recycled materials, improved manufacturing techniques and the development of forestry management guidelines.

Typically, these have come at a cost, both literally and in terms of quality. Increased burdens at every stage of the traditional timber supply chain often increases expense to the end user, whilst the synthetic and recycled alternatives that are offered tend to lack the authenticity of natural wood.

There have, of course, been exceptions. The Heveatech decking range we introduced last year is a good example. As it is cleverly engineered from rubber trees that have reached the end of their useful life it is extremely stable, planet friendly and offered at a competitive price.

We extended our commitment to the sourcing of such high quality, responsibly sourced products by introducing the Thermory® collection last month.

The range includes decking, cladding and flooring, all of which has been thermo-treated. This chemical free process is used to transform ash and spruce from responsibly managed forests in North America and Europe into timber with a durability that rivals that of tropical hardwoods. 

Thermo-treatment takes place in computer controlled kilns. Finished timber profiles are heated and steamed at temperatures of up to 215°C in order to reduce moisture content, remove resins and bake out the natural sugars that can cause decay. 

The end result is an extremely durable timber with outstanding dimensional stability, suitable for a variety of external and internal uses. Thermo-treatment also infuses the timber with a deep, luxurious colour throughout, particularly suited to contemporary projects.

Round Wood already offer a large number of items from the competitively priced Thermory® range, with more to be added over the coming months.

Thermo-treated decking is currently available in both ash and spruce 118mm wide boards, with a smooth face both sides. Thermo-treated cladding/weatherboard in the two timbers is also on offer, in a selection of profiles, along with 150mm and 190mm ash flooring.  All are supplied with a selection of unique and time saving fitting accessories, which can drastically cut on site fitting times. 

118mm Thermory® decking, for example, is pre-grooved for use with their ‘clip-strip’ hidden fastening system. As these strips are fastened onto joists for the boards to simply clip into, they also cut out the need for unsightly face screws, improving the look of your deck.

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Landscape Show - Follow up!

14 October 2015

We have had a great response following this year’s Landscape Show, with our new Thermory range creating a lot of interest. In addition to our Thermory range, we took a small selection of statues, hardwood and bags and bags of promotional goodies. We love the Thermory collection and were intrigued to see what our fellow contractors thought, and we really couldn’t have asked for a better response.

Our central panel was made up of Thermo-Ash cladding using Thermory’s innovative hidden fastening system, giving us a chance to try out the fitting system for ourselves. It made creating a cladding board very simple, as the joists come already fitted and spaced with the fixings, leaving us to simply pop on each cladding board. The whole process took around 10 minutes.

The landscape show team were extremely helpful, as always and we look forward to another successful year exhibiting next year. Where we will have a number of pitches (one for every gnome!) to showcase a variety of products from across the Round Wood group.


We look forward to seeing you in 2016.


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The Landscape Show

12 September 2015

Our late season exhibitions are fast approaching and we are all working hard on the last minute touches for the Landscape Show in Battersea Park, London.

The Landscape Show last year was a great success, we gathered a wealth of information and met many new clients, whom we have been working extensively with over the last year. For display this year we have carefully selected some of our cast Iron Statues and we will be showcasing our new collection of Thermo Treated decking, cladding and flooring products by Thermory®. We are sponsoring this year’s show, so you will find some hidden gems in your welcome bag – and more if you visit our stand!


Following our recent appointment as a UK distributor of the innovative and eco-friendly Thermory® collection, we now offer thermo-treated decking boards in both hardwood and softwood, along with a unique and time-saving hidden fixing system. As with their entire range, Thermory® decking boards have been heated and steamed at temperatures of up to 215°C in computer controlled kilns. This toughens the timber, (so achieves outstanding dimensional stability), ensures a low moisture content and develops a dark, luxurious colour. The result is an attractive board that is extremely stable, even when cut from softwoods. Crucially, Thermory® also boast outstanding environmental credentials; their processes are entirely chemical free and are only applied to responsibly harvested raw materials.

You can still apply for tickets at this year’s show, simply follow this link.


We’ll see you there.

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Stainless Steel Tripod Grill

27 August 2015

The newest addition to our range is the Stainless Steel Tripod Grill, and of course we needed to test it out. As the shipment of our new cooking equipment arrived we set up a 60cm Corten Steel Fire-pit to get one tested. We cooked 36 large sausages for the team here at Round Wood and were very impressed with how easy the Grill was to set up and use. The Grill is height adjustable to allow you to move it up and down if the fire gets a little high, or you just wants to keep your food warm. 

Not only are these great for use with fire-pits they can also be used with an open fire, perhaps when camping or on a hike. The Grill and all of its components fold away easily in a black string bag, making it simple for those on the move, and for storage. For city gardens these provide a great BBQ opportunity without having to worry about finding the space to put it when it’s not in use.

 Now available to purchase online!

Stainless Steel Tripod Grill

Corten Steel fire Pit (60, 80, 100, 120, 150cm!)


Mild Steel Fire Pit (60, 80, 100, 120cm!)

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SVLK certified Balau decking

13 July 2015

In line with our ongoing commitment to supply responsibly harvested timber, we ensure that all Balau Decking from Indonesia is sourced with SVLK certification.

Indonesia boasts some of the largest natural forests in the world. Its 80 million hectares are the biggest in Asia and third largest in the tropics, so it is no surprise that timber products are seen as a key export for the archipelago.

Unfortunately, potential growth in this area has not been fully realised over recent decades. 

Concerns over forestry practices and rampant illegal logging have seen consumer nations often hesitate to trade, particularly those in North America and Europe where regulation is increasingly strict.

In order to open up these markets, the Indonesian government introduced SVLK certification in 2010. Despite some initial hitches, Indonesia is now rapidly improving its level of timber exports, which include hardwood decking, flooring, plywood, furniture and mouldings. 

The ‘Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu’, or SVLK, ensures that certified timber has been legally sourced from recognised and responsibly harvested forests. It also ensures suitable forest governance, reduces deforestation and encourages environmentally friendly practices. This is achieved through on site audits at every stage of the supply chain and by ensuring an adequate chain of custody.

Significantly, the EU has deemed the SVLK process sufficiently rigorous; certified timber is compliant with European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR) through a Voluntary Partnership Agreement.

This demonstration of provenance has particularly contributed to the growth in popularity of Balau decking from Indonesia in recent years, as high end consumers are increasingly concerned with environmental credentials. They have also come to better appreciate Balau’s hard-wearing qualities and outstanding contemporary appearance.

As such, we have dramatically increased our holdings of certified Indonesian Balau over the last two seasons. It is now available in a variety of widths and profiles, in lengths ranging from 2.1m to 4.8m.

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Hardwood Decking Wrench

26 June 2015

If you are fitting hardwood decking, such as Ipe and Balau, we recommend using a hardwood decking wrench - these are now available for hire.

Hardwood Decking Wrench

The hardwood wrench is a self-locking deck board straightening tool. It cam locks boards in place - applying far more pressure than other straightening methods – making it simple to install your decking fastenings.

This overcomes the slight bending/warping that all decking boards can be prone to, even on just a one person install. The hardwood decking wrench adjusts to the required joist thickness, is easily reversed and is suitable for all decking materials.

The hardwood decking wrench costs £187.50 plus VAT but is now also available to hire. The fee is £10/day or £50/week. We will take full payment for the wrench in advance and return the balance on its safe return.

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Treatex Colour Tones

29 May 2015

If you are considering fitting our engineered oak flooring boards, you may be interested to know they can be tinted using Treatex Hard Wax Oil.

Whilst the majority of our range of engineered flooring comes pre-finished with two coats of oil we always recommend that, once fitted, a layer of ‘Clear’ Treatex is then applied to seal the joints.  This is available in a matt or satin finish and will only slightly warm the colour of the timber, (as would any moisture).

The option exists, however, to create an entirely different aesthetic as Treatex Hard Wax oil is also available in a range of ‘Colour Tones’. This is applied before still using a final coat of the clear, (as this has enhanced protection qualities), in one or two layers, depending on the final colour required.

The Colour Tone Range

Antique Oak Treatex   Chocolate Treatex   Dark Oak Treatex   Ebony Treatex

Light Oak Treatex   Mahogany Treatex   Medium Oak Treatex   Pebble Grey Treatex

Slate Treatex   Spruce Treatex   Teak Treatex

Please note that colours on screen may not match those of the oil once on timber. We advise experimenting with samples first.

A ‘natural’ tone is also available, designed to replicate the exact colour of the original flooring. This is achieved by the addition of white pigments that compensate for the slight warming caused by the final layer of clear oil.

Whatever look you decide on, Treatex offers outstanding protection for floors, skirting and worktops. It has been developed over 40 years and is often used in high footfall, commercial environments.

Treatex Hard Wax Oil is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials: jojoba oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, candelilla wax and carnauba wax. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and is simple to maintain as individual areas of an oiled finish can be treated, (unlike a lacquered finish). 

Treatex can of course also be used with our unfinished engineered flooring boards. We would recommned two coats of a colour tone, followed by two coats of clear hard wax oil.

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Enter our £1000 competition!

14 May 2015

Whilst you are here, why not enter the amazing prize draw we are holding to celebrate the opening of our new offices.

Oak Framed Office

Things are happening down at Round Wood. In order to aid our continued expansion we have recently completed the build of an eye-catching oak framed office, which doubles as a show building.

Several members of our sales team are already enjoying their new surroundings, which features oak joinery crafted in our workshop and a selection of the oak flooring we supply.

We are also in the process of developing a new mill, a new home for our joinery team and a showroom, which will include additional office space.    

To celebrate, we have decided to stage a prize draw with three amazing prizes: £1000, £500 and £250 to spend on anything we sell at Round Wood, from planters and garden statues to hardwood decking, oak flooring and oak frame buildings

Every entrant will also be invited to the grand opening of the new Round Wood when development work is complete.

To enter, simply use our contact form to email us. Please supply all of the details required accurately and in the message box state ‘Competition Entry’ along with details of where you heard about the competition.

Alternatively, you can visit us at Round Wood or any of the following events to complete an entry form:

- Heathfield Show, (23rd May, Heathfield Show Ground)

- Wealden Times Fair, (4th-6th June, Hole Park Rolvenden)

- Bentley Woodfair, (18th-20th September, Bentley Wildfowl) 

Please note that by entering the competition you agree to receive promotional offers and information via email. Entries are limited to one per person.

The draw will be conducted at our stand on the final day of the Bentley Woodfair, (Sunday 20th September 2015), at 5pm. The winners will be contacted by e-mail the following day.

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