Oak Leisure Building



Oak frames are increasingly in demand for the development of leisure buildings. They blend sympathetically into any grounds and are completely customisable. We have responded to demand from home owners for attractive, yet highly functional, outbuildings with a variety of creative designs. Whatever your vision, we are always here to assist and guide you in the development of your oak leisure building to meet your lifestyle requirements.


Planning permission oak frame building


Legislation around the construction of a building can be complex and the ultimate responsibility for ensuring your project meets planning and building regulations lies with you.

Specific information relating to planning permission for outbuildings can be found on the planning portal here.

Some of our frames meet planning exemption criteria and may be eligible for construction under permitted development rights. If the site is on what is classed as designated land, which include Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and conservation areas etc., the permitted development rights vary slightly. It also depends on where you want to put the building within your site, for example, structures in the front garden or near to the boundary, may not qualify and would typically require planning. We recommend you check the latest guidance on the Planning Portal and make a phone call to your local authority to obtain the information required.

We are able to assist with the Planning Permission process, if required, and can provide Planning Drawings for submission with an application.

Building Regulations oak frame building


As a guide, building regulation approval is usually required if your building has an internal footprint greater than 30m2 or is less than 1m from a boundary with a floor area greater than 15m2. If the building contains habitable accommodation or has a fixed heating system, approval will be required.

However, regulations are subject to change, so please obtain definitive guidance from your Planning Officer or Building Inspector.

Please contact our team if you require further advice.



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