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Unfinished Handscraped Flooring

8 August 2014

Our handscraped engineered flooring is now available in a 220 x 15mm unfinished board, featuring a 4mm wear layer.

We have continued to extend the range as it has proven so popular; other options include pre-oiled and stained finishes and a number of widths.

The rippled texture on our handscraped boards gives the impression of years of wear, particulalry when laid out across a large space. They are particularly suited to older and listed properties.

The new unfinished 220mm x 15mm board is available at £33.50/m2. It has a pre-oiled equivelant at £35.50/m2.

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New Hardwood Oak Decking 145mm x 28mm

20 June 2014

So that we can supply you off the shelf and in record time, we have built up a stock of pre-machined 145mm x 28mm oak decking

These are available in lengths are 2.5m, 3.25m and 3.5m and are pre-finished with two coats of woca oil, saving onsite fitting time. This gives the boards a warm, natural finish and added protection.

Oak blends sympathetically with an English garden and, as a slow grown hardwood, will provide years of service. Don’t forget, to finish off your decking we supply oak balustrade, including handrail, baserail, posts, spindles and infill

We also have all the fitting accessories you need, such as stainless steel screws and plugs. Don’t forget to request your free sample.


Oak Smooth Decking 145mm x 28mm -- £40.95 + VAT

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Heveatech: The strong, eco choice

10 June 2014

Heveatech, a new and innovative hardwood engineered decking board, is now exclusively available in the UK through Round Wood.

The material is an exciting addition to the market as it is has strong environmental credentials, boasts outstanding durability and, unlike its artificial counterparts, offers a stunning, natural appearance.

It is produced from the ‘Hevea Brasiliensis,’ better known as the ‘Rubber Tree’. This species has a typical rubber or latex producing lifespan of 25-30 years, after which they have historically been felled and used for firewood, or even discarded.

This timber is now cut into small layers, which are bonded together under extreme compression and finished with a solid veneer.  The result is Heveatech; an engineered decking board with a uniform moisture content and 50% less potential expansion and contraction than other hardwoods.

Its stability makes it ideal for use with hidden fastening systems, such as the ArchiDeck Clips we exclusively supply.

As Heveatech decking is so durable and is particularly suited to the harsh European climate, it is offered with a 15 year warranty against contamination and decay. It also has a lifetime warranty against termite infestation.

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220 x 15mm Handscraped Flooring now available

10 June 2014

Our handscraped engineered flooring has proved so popular that we have extended the range.

In addition to our 21mm thick boards, we now offer a 15mm option in a 220mm width, It is particularly suited to jobs where there is no requirement for a structural board. As it still features a 4mm wear layer of solid oak, it can be sanded back 2-3 times, so offers years of use.

Enginnered Handscraped Flooring

The handscraped effect gives these boards a rippled effect and the impression of years of use. They are often specified for use in older buildings or when an aged appearance is desired.

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Siberian Larch

4 April 2014

Whilst we specialise in hardwood decking, we are now also offering Siberian Larch - a slow grown, durable softwood with excellent environmental credentials.  As we all know decking season is approaching and the orders are fast flowing in! We have a wide variety of stock availble, but don’t delay in placing your order – as we know from experience decking stocks are fast moving!


Our newest decking arrival here at Round Wood is the Siberian Larch. Siberian Larch is perfect if you are looking for a long lasting and durable softwood, with many properties similar to hardwood. It can be fixed using our hidden deck fasteners and comes in lengths of 4m. We have found Siberian Larch to be a very popular new arrival, with its fine grain detail and consistency in colour.

Siberian Larch 145mm x 21mm Smooth £22.00m2 + VAT

If you are looking for something with more colour variation or striking grain detail, view our range of Harwood decking below:

Balau 145mm x 21mm Smooth £36.50m2 + VAT

Ipe 140mm x 19mm Smooth £52.50m2 + VAT

Oak 125mm x 22mm Smooth £40.75m2 + VAT

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Wine Barrels Back in Stock

25 February 2014

Great News - we know many of our customers have been waiting for the arrival of our French Oak Barrels; they have now arrived.

This batch are as beautifully crafted as ever and still have a hint of this seasons wine. They are perfect as an attractive water butt for your patio, garden or landscaped area.  Unmodified they also make great tables for pubs and restaurants. 

There is no time like the present to start saving the rain water, ready for the summer months to come. Our traditional French oak barrels are ideal, even if you are just looking for that little touch of class, these will be an stand out feature.

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Eco Nuggets Now Available

13 December 2013

We are now recycling our hardwood offcuts into 'eco nuggets'; high-quality briquettes that offer expectionally high burn temperatures.

Briquettes - Eco Nuggets

As a manufacturer of flooring, decking and skirting we generate a signifcant amount of offcuts in our mill and joinery workshop. As we specialise in hardwoods, in particular oak, many of these are of a very high quailty - perhaps too good to be used as simple firewood. As such, we have recently taken the decision to combine them with the sawdust we also create and produce our own 'eco-nuggets'.

The timber and sawdust is mechanically compressed, producing an extremely dense, dry and clean nugget, or briquette. These qualities mean they offer extremely high burn temperatures and are also very easy to ignite. They are so effective that they can even be used alongside those wet logs that you wouldn't otherwise be able to burn. 

The pellets are also easy to handle, can be broken down easily and come in absolutely no packaging other than an outer bag, increasing their eco-credentials even further. They are ideal for wood burners, traditional fires and chimineas. As they are so dry, they will need to be kept away from mositure, so please keep them under cover. They will typically be made up of around 95% oak.

Initially, our eco nuggets are being offered by the bulk bag. We will shortly be introducing different options, however, all of which can be delivered nationwide.

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Engineered Walnut Flooring

30 October 2013

If you are looking to renovate this winter, it may interest you to know that we are running a promotion on our engineered walnut flooring until the end of November.

Our boards are 189mm wide and are available in a thickness of 21mm or 15mm, with a 6mm and 4mm wear layer respectively.

You can qualify for a 10% discount on either by calling our sales team on 01435 867 072 and quoting the code NOV1302.

Walnut flooring is ideal if you are looking for that high-end, contemporary aesthetic. It boasts rich, dark colouring and highly attractive grain swirls.

It is becoming increasingly in demand now that flooring boards are offered in engineered form. 

Engineered flooring was originally designed for use with underfloor heating, but is now widely used in any environment where board stability may be an issue.

The boards feature a strong multi-ply backing that inhibits movement and a thick wear layer of timber that makes them inderterminable from solid equivelants once laid.

21mm Engineered Walnut Flooring - Promotion Price: £40.05 plus VAT

15mm Engineered Walnut Flooring - Promotion Price: £33.75 plus VAT

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Planter Ranges Expanded

13 August 2013

To ensure that we keep pace with ever growing interest, we have added a number of new designs and materials to our range of garden planters.

Garden Planters can help transform the look of every home, garden and landscape, no matter how basic. Now there are even more styles to choose from, giving you even more opportunity to achieve your required look.

These are the new materials/ranges we have added:

Pictured: New planter materials, from left to right: Terracino, Stone Fibre, Ironstone & Faux Lead Cast Iron



These pots are hand crafted in Terracotta before being fired in high-powered gas kilns to achieve a consistent colouration and outstanding durability. These are a favorite for the achieving a more traditional out door appearance. There are many different designs available in this material.

Stone Fibre

Stone Fibre is a composite of resin, stone powder and fibres. The simple, sleek designs of the range combine dramatically with the plain black colouring. Perfect when a more robust, yet still attractive planter is needed.

Iron Stone

If you require a classically styled planter that is practically indestructible, consider our exclusive Ironstone range. These pots are crafted from extremely dense, salt glazed stoneware fired to temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees centigrade.

Faux Lead Cast Iron

We have expanded our Faux Lead Chelsea range even further. It now includes models manufactured in cast iron, which is significantly heavier than the usual materials used for this look. As with all Cast Iron products they will develop their own patina over time and weather down, but can be restored at any time by priming and spraying or painting as required.

Each of the planter materials above comes in various designs and sizes to suit various needs. We have smaller planters suitable for herbs and giant designs used to plant trees.

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New Stock: Balau Hardwood Decking

9 August 2013

We have just taken delivery of a shipment of responsibly harvested Balau, much of which is already reserved.

Balau Decking Balau Decking

This batch has been brought in from Indonesia and is certified as being legally sourced; meaning it is not cut using slash and burn agricultural techniques.

Balau is an impressive Hardwood in both colour and overall appearance, giving an exotic yet contemporary look. 

Our new Balau boards are 145mm x 21mm and have a smooth profile. However, your profile preference can be machined in at our mill on request. We have various lengths available ranging from 2.4m up to 4.8m.

Decking season is here and the demand high; the most popular choices being Balau, Ipe, Oak and our newest addition to the range – Siberian Larch.

Siberian Larch is one of only two softwoods featured in our range of decking boards. It is an extremely dense softwood due to its resinous nature.

Harwood decking is a favourite for various out door spaces. It will last the test of time and mean your landscape needs minimal maintenance, whilst also giving a high-end appearance.

Don’t forget; if you want to see our decking – we can send out samples! Just fill out our enquiry form or call us on 01435 867 072. Please don't forget to provide your address.

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