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New Garden Statues Available

6 January 2012

Contrary to popular belief, not all of the garden statues in our range of Home & Garden Features are cast in iron. Whilst this was the medium we first favoured, we have recently introduced statues crafted in a range of other materials, including an innovative concrete/fibreglass composite.

This composite has allowed us to develop a range of giant statues that can be handled relatively simply, whilst still retaining a solid, heavy feel. Subjects included Easter Island Heads, which scale to over 2 metres, and life-size Terracotta Warriors.

Easter Island Statues

Other mediums include stone, limestone and high quality, weather resistant, resin. All are selected for their durability and ability to be hand crafted/finished. As such, our statues are not always the cheapest on the market, but are finished to a very high specification and will provide years of service.

Given its traditional roots and outstanding resistance to the elements, cast iron does remain a firm favourite. It also lends itself beautifully to classic designs such as our cast iron stag and gliding lady. That is not to say that it isn’t suitable for more contemporary themes. For evidence of this, just check out our cast iron Hippo, which is always a winner!

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Fibrestone troughs now available

17 December 2011

We are now offering Chelsea Troughs cast in Fibrestone following the success of the boxes we introduced earlier this year. Fibrestone offers a harder wearing alternative to the Fibreclay models in our garden planter range.

Fibrestone Chelsea Troughs


Fibrestone is an ideal material for the manufacture of planters. It combines the durability of fibreglass, so is strong enough for use in giant models, with a solid, heavy feel, courtesy of the stone powder mixed into the composite

The result is an authentic, attractive planter that provides years of service at reasonable cost.

Unlike fibreclay, another popular medium we offer, fibrestone will not age greatly, so should be your choice of material if you would prefer your garden planter to maintain a consistent appearance.

Our Fibrestone Planter range also includes contemporary boxes and troughs in both white and black.

Full Fibrestone Range details:

Fibrestone Chelsea Troughs – Available Sizes: 50cm, 60cm, 70cm

Fibrestone Chelsea Boxes – Available Sizes: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm

Black Fibrestone Contemporary Boxes – Available sizes: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 75cm

Black Fibrestone Contemporary Troughs – Available sizes: 73cm, 88cm, 100cm

White Fibrestone Contemporary Boxes – Available sizes: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 75cm

White Fibrestone Contemporary Troughs – Available sizes: 73cm, 88cm, 100cm

Black Fibrestone Tapered Planters - Available sizes: 48cm, 62cm, 92

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New Chippy Site Now Live!

14 October 2011

The ‘Chippy’ website that promotes our range of ready to assemble, oak framed kit garages has been relaunched. It has a new design theme and the facility to purchase buildings online.

Whilst internet sales are usually associated with books, CD’s and Xbox games, surfers can now purchase entire oak framed garages without even having to pick up the phone.

Oak Framed Garages  Oak Framed Garages, which is now e-commerce enabled, markets the standard ‘kit’ garages that Round Wood supply through their ‘Chippy’ range. Buildings are supplied in ready to assemble form, so are ideal for builders, carpenters, general tradespeople and even highly competent DIY enthusiasts.

47 standard designs of garage are offered. Frames vary from one to four bays, are available with gable, hip or barn-end roofs and can include half-bays, aisles and log-stores. All are traditionally crafted and pre-assembled in workshop to ensure fit once on site. The largest buildings have a footprint of over 73m2. is the second in a series of sites being relaunched by Round Wood of Mayfield to cover the four strands of their business. ‘Quality Oak & Decking Products’ was launched earlier this year, whilst bespoke ‘Oak Framed Buildings’ and ‘Home & Garden Features’ are currently under development.

All can be accessed via a new portal at and share an attractive, image-led design theme. segments the available garage frames by the number of parking bays they provide. This, in conjunction with logical navigation paths and product feature filters, allows users to drill down into the exact products they require in the fastest possible time.

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Balau Decking: new stock

13 October 2011

Due to high demand over the summer, we recently ran low on some widths and lengths of Balau decking - new supplies, however, are just in.

Our latest batch is cut at a width of 145mm and depth of 21mm, a popular combination for a Balau decking board. Lengths range between 2m and 4.5m. Boards have a smooth profile, although we can cut grooves or reeding into the face. 

Balau is an extremely popular species of hardwood decking board. It offers outstanding durability, a stunning contemporary aesthetic and is priced very competitively. It can also be used with the ArchiDeck Hidden Fastening System we exclusively supply in the UK.

Balau Roof Deck  Balau Roof Deck 

Stocks of hardwood decking will be maintained over the coming months, despite the onset of winter. Recent years have shown that the seasonal trend in fitting decks has flattened out. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including a more moderate climate and the development of balcony and sheltered decks that are used all year round.

Other species of hardwood decking we supply includes Ipe, Oak and Garapa.

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Solar light range expanded

12 October 2011

We are now able to offer a style of solar light to suit any garden or patio after taking on the full range available from our friends at ‘solar mates’.

Alongside their silver and copper classics are a host of new models, including the large ‘Tube’ and eye-catching ‘Sleek’ solar lights. All provide ambient, warm white LED lighting.

Tube Solar Light  Sleek Solar Light 

All solar mates are made from stainless steel and feature an automatic dusk switch-on so that power is not wasted during daylight hours. The range is eco-friendly, CE certified and will continue to operate in even extreme temperatures.

In its simplest form, solar power can be described as the conversion of sunlight into electricity. This can be achieved through various methods, but photovoltaic is by far the most common, where power is converted and used directly, (with no intermittent processes).

Please note that as the available energy varies in relation to the amount of sunlight received, run times of all solar lamps will be reduced on overcast and dull days, particularly if positioned in areas of shade.

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Photos: Pavilion opens for first time

1 August 2011

The Oak Framed Pavilion we recently built for Mayfield Cricket Club opened its doors for the first time on Friday 29th July.

The occasion was marked by an event at their ‘Wellbrook’ ground featuring a match between players selected from the clubs three teams in the East Sussex Cricket League, a drinks reception and barbeque.

The whole day was extremely well attended, with Mayfield’s residents turning out in large numbers to lend their support to a project developed with the local Community in mind.


In addition to the standard facilities you would expect to find, the pavilion features a large external veranda and social area which is also available for hire to non-club members.

In addition to constructing and erecting the Oak Framed Building, we supplied hardwood decking, oak flooring and a soon to be fitted external oak staircase.  For photos of the build process, see our blog entry: Cricket Pavilion nearing completion.


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Case Study Video: Ipe Decking

27 July 2011

A behind the scenes look at a landscaping project in Hove carried out using our Ipe Decking Boards and ArchiDeck Hidden Fastenings.

Whilst we don't fit the hardwood decking boards we offer, we do have a number of contractors we are happy to recommend. One of our favourites in the Brighton region is Langlea Garden Design, who regularly fit our Balau and Ipe decking boards.

Langlea, headed up by designer Lea Sideris, have a reputation for creative and fun landscaping, so we jumped at the opportunity to film them on a job fitting our Ipe Decking Boards to create a sun-trap deck in a South facing garden.

In order to display the Ipe boards to their full potential, fitting was carried out using ArchiDeck Hidden Fastenings. By clipping into the side of decking boards, ArchiDecks cut out the need for unsightly face screws, making them the logical choice of fastener if you have invested in a high-end decking timber.

As ArchiDecks require a rebate to be cut into the side of the decking board, fitting times can be increased. Our unique pre-grooving service, however, eliminates the need to biscuit joint on site as we are able to cut a slot down the entire length of a board in our mill before despatch. This service is available for just 50p a linear metre plus VAT.

The benefits of ArchiDecks are obvious, as can be seen on this video. Langlea finished this job to a high specification, using complementary slate tiling and lights that are controlled solely via iPads.

Fore more information on the services offered by Langlea Garden Design, please visit

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Tongariki at Hampton Court

26 July 2011

Our new style of 'Tongariki Easter Island Head' featured on a thematic show garden at Hampton Court Flower Shower recently.

The sculpture, which stands 1.5m tall, was a key feature of ‘A precious Warning,’ an exhibit that strongly emphasised the importance of sustainability. The stand was the brainchild of local garden designer Keri Mulqueen who worked in association with Plumpton College.

It proved extremely popular with both event organizers and the public; receiving a bronze award for design and being frequently used as a backdrop for photos.

“The Easter Island Statue really helped us to bring a dash of Easter Island authenticity to the garden,” said Mulqueen, MD of Hove based The Good Design Company. “It played a key part in conveying the message that we need to protect our natural resources and also really helped to draw people in.”

The garden was created to inform and educate the public about the effects of an unsustainable culture.  The story of Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, provided an ideal backdrop to explore these issues against.

Easter Island Head Garden Statue

Easter Island experienced a collapse of its Eco- system, which led to the extinction of many of the islands prehistoric and indigenous species; events associated with the over exploitation of Easter Islands natural resources, particularly timber.

Many of the trees on the island are believed to have been felled and used as ‘rollers’ to transport the giant heads the population carved to commemorate their ancestors. When explorers from Europe, led by Roggeveen and Captain Cook, first discovered the Island in the 1500’s they were struck by its bleakness.

This was represented by the rear of the show garden which featured the Easter Island Statue, or Moai, set affront his native, barren landscape. Lush planting with a tropical influence surrounded this area, representing other islands living sustainably. A water irrigation feature within the planting made out of plastic represented how items can be re-cycled and re-used advantageously.

A ‘Tongariki’ Moai Statue was selected for the exhibit, a recent addition to our range of Easter Island Head Garden Statues. Other models we offer include the classic ‘Rano’ and ‘Louvre’ style Easter Islands Heads, which range in size from 30cm to a whopping 2.05 metres - the largest available anywhere in the world on a non-bespoke basis.

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Engineered Oak Flooring Range Extended

25 July 2011

We are now offering 220 x 21mm Engineered Oak Flooring with a chunky 6mm wear layer.

Given its thickness, the new board is suitable for structural purposes and can be sanded back more times than the 220 x 15mm alternative with a 4mm wear layer already in our range.

In fact, it can be sanded back as many times as a 21mm thick solid product, which has to be replaced once its depth has been reduced to the tongue in the side of the board.

Engineered Oak Flooring offers several advantages over its solid oak flooring equivalents.

As it features a compressed ply backing it is extremely stable and has far less tendency to shrink and expand, so is suitable for use with under floor heating.

It does not have to be acclimatised to its environment, so can be fitted straight out of the packet, and is very easy to lay – particularly if it is simply floated over underlay.

Once down, Engineered Oak Flooring is indeterminable for Solid.

Our Engineered Flooring should not be confused with far inferior laminates. It is machined from a solid piece of European oak, not strips, and offers a solid, underfoot feel, courtesy of its depth.

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Photos: Mayfield Cricket Pavilion almost completed

22 July 2011

Our Oak Framed Building team have been working on a series of interesting projects recently, including a new Pavilion for Mayfield Cricket Club.

  Oak Framed Pavilion Oak Framed Pavilion Oak Framed Pavilion

In addition to housing storage and changing facilities that a David Lloyd Health Club would be proud of, the building features a large external veranda and fully equipped bar that is available for use by the whole community.

Members made the decision to build a Pavilion that the whole of Mayfield could be proud of after a mindless arson attack reduced their previous structures to ashes last year.

Oak Framed Pavilion Oak Framed Pavilion Oak Framed Pavilion

In addition to constructing and erecting the oak frame, we also supplied and fitted an external oak staircase, hardwood decking and engineered oak flooring; making it one of the most extensive builds we have worked on.

Our teams were on site for several weeks and several pieces of heavy plant had to be brought in given the size of the frame. Elements of the build process can be seen on our promotional video outlining the range of products we offer and a dedicated feature will be available soon.

Mortise and tenon joints Hand Wrought Ironmongery 

The Pavilion is officially due to open on July 29th when snagging is complete, although a couple of games have already been played on the recently re-laid turf at the picturesque ‘Wellbrook’ ground.

The club has three teams competing in the East Sussex Cricket League, with their firsts winning Division 4 last year.

  Mayfield Cricket Club Pavilion

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