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Fibrestone Planters now available

18 July 2011

Our range of garden planters just got even bigger! We are now offering extremely hardwearing Fibrestone planters in a variety of sizes and styles, including jumbo containers, contemporary troughs and faux lead Chelsea boxes. 

 Fibrestone Chelsea Box

Fibrestone is an ideal material for the manufacture of planters. It combines the durability of fibreglass, so is strong enough for use in giant models, with a solid, heavy feel, courtesy of the stone powder mixed into the composite. 

The result is an authentic, attractive planter that provides years of service at reasonable cost.

Unlike fibreclay, another popular medium we offer, fibrestone will not age greatly, so should be your choice of material if you would prefer your garden planter to maintain a consistent appearance.

The largest model on offer comes in at a whopping 75cm x 75cm x 75cm; perfect for larger plants and trees. Troughs are available up to 100cm and tapered planters up to 92cm.

Full Range details:

Fibrestone Chelsea Boxes – Available Sizes: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm

Black Fibrestone Contemporary Boxes – Available sizes: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 75cm

Black Fibrestone Contemporary Troughs – Available sizes: 73cm, 88cm, 100cm

White Fibrestone Contemporary Boxes – Available sizes: 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 75cm

White Fibrestone Contemporary Troughs – Available sizes: 73cm, 88cm, 100cm

Black Fibrestone Tapered Planters - Available sizes: 48cm, 62cm, 92cm

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Video: What we do!

28 June 2011

This video offers an insight into the Oak Framed Buildings, Hardwood Decking, Oak Flooring and Quality Oak Products we supply.

In addition to showcasing some of our timber products, the feature takes a brief look at some of the work that goes on behind the scenes.

People are often surprised at the extent of our timber ranges. Regardless of their scope, however, the different strands of the business all share a common belief in traditional crafting techniques and high end materials.  This includes our sister company Round Wood Trading, who offer Home & Garden Features from our base in East Sussex.

Our Oak Framed Buildings, for instance, are manufactured using traditional woodworking techniques, including oak pegged mortise and tenon joints, and the only decking we supply is cut from extremely durable hardwoods.

Our doors and joinery items are handmade in our workshop, whilst our flooring is either offered in solid oak, or as an engineered board with a chunky top wear layer that makes it indeterminable from the real thing.

The materials and manufacturing processes we manage ensure that these are all products suitable for projects being carried out to a high specification, in terms of both the appearance and durability they provide.

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15mm Engineered Walnut Flooring now available

26 June 2011

You can now achieve the high end look of a Walnut floor from just £37.50/m2 with our new 189 x 15mm Engineered board.

Our 189 x 21mm Engineered Walnut Flooring has long been a staple of our range, proving popular with those seeking a luxurious, contemporary aesthetic.

In addition to looking great, the board also offers years of service as its 6mm wear layer allows for multiple sandings.

Our 15mm range offers an alternative for projects being managed to a tighter budget. Whilst its wear layer is narrower at 4mm, this will still allow for a couple of sand backs so is still capable of providing many years of use.

As for all our flooring and decking products we are able to supply a sample. Just contact us on 01435 867072 or use our contact form – and don’t forget to supply your address.

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The sample process!

24 June 2011

We just wanted to remind you that we are happy to supply samples of our hardwood decking and oak flooring products.

All you have to is complete our contact us form. We do have a couple of small requests: please don't forget to supply your address and also details of the products you are interested in!

Because they are sent via Royal Mail we are only able to post out small samples. These will be sufficient to give you an indication of the grading and finish on the selected board style.

Please note, however, that as timber is a natural product, board colouration can vary - even between those cut from the same tree.

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Garden Statues: Easter Island Family Expands!

15 June 2011

There has been a new addition to the Easter Island family at Round Wood; we are now offering a model named after the ‘Ahu Tongariki,’ the platform on which this style of head is predominantly found.

Ahus are stone dais that typically face the sea. Over 300 were found on Rapa Nui, at least 100 of which are known to have definitely supported Moai statues.


Ahu Tongariki is the largest platfrom on the island. It was swept inland in the last century, but has since been restored. The heads found on Ahu Tongariki typically feature long bodies and wizened arms, as can be seen on our new garden statue model!

He stands a whopping 1.5m tall, but like the rest of our Easter Island statues can be handled into position by two or three or people courtesy of an innovative production method. A stone/concrete mix is sculpted around a hollow fibreglass mesh that keeps the weight of the statue down, but still provides a solid feel.

The Tongariki Easter Island Head costs £360 and be collected or delivered nationwide.

Easter Island Heads, or 'Moai Statues', were carved by the inhabitants of Easter Island from around 1250 AD to commemorate their ancestors. The majority do not feature a ‘body’, such as the Rano Easter Island statues we supply.

The first European to lay eyes on one of the imposing figures was the Dutch explorer Roggeveen in 1722. When Captain Cook landed just over 50 years later, many had been toppled. 

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