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Oak Framed Pergolas Now Online

5 September 2019

Oak Framed Pergolas are the perfect addition to any outdoor space for entertaining guests, enjoying alfresco dining or simply sitting under and appreciating nature. Visit www.roundwood.com or call 01435 860 260 for more details.

Round Wood of Mayfield are delighted to be introducing their oak framed pergolas to their website. With 3 standard sizes available to order straight from the web page it is quick and easy to find the pergola for your needs.


Round Wood sells three standard sizes pergolas kits directly on their website;

2m x 2m

3m x 2m

4m x 2m

Each kit is made to order and made on-site in Mayfield in Round Wood's timber mill and joinery workshop. Although Round Wood sells three standard sizes on their site, they too accommodate for bespoke shapes and sizes. their oak framed pergolas are pre-assembled on-site to ensure quick and easy installation once delivered. These kits can be self-assembled by keen DIYers or by Round Wood's national team.


Each pergola kit comes with the following as standard;

  • 4x Oak posts measuring at 125mm
  • 4x Oak rails measuring at 125mm
  • 300mm projections
  • Ogee profiling
  • Curved Oak Braces
  • 4x Granite staddle stones.

Should some or none of these standard specifications not be suitable, changes and customisations can be made. With the option of taller, or shorter posts, changing the staddle stones (straight, tapered, sandstone or granite) or pitched roofs you really can make it your own, to suit your style and your needs.

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Why Choose Decking Tiles & Which Are For You?

28 August 2019

Revamp your outdoor living space with Round Wood of Mayfield's decking tiles.

Deck Tiles are an intuitive, durable and attractive alternative to boards. With a hidden fixing system, it is a quick and easy solution to creating your perfect outdoor living space. These tiles are perfect for remodelling your old patio, balcony or roof terrace. The tiles have all the durability of long-length hardwood decking and because they are built with stainless steel hardware, it will give you years of hassle-free use without any required maintenance.



Cumura is a highly desirable choice for decking tiles as it is a low maintenance and durable hardwood with outstanding colour variation. Perfect for revamping your outdoor living space, these boards range in colour from a light ochre all the way through to rich honey.

With natural highlighting of orange and dark gold, these boards will glow at any time of day.

This colour variation is widely sought after. Cumaru like many other timber species can be prone to Pin Worm and Short Grain which are natural defects and acceptable within grading.


Dimensions & Weight

  • Each tile measures 500 mm x 500 mm x30 mm
  • Each tile contains 7 boards (each measuring 65mm x 15 mm x 500 mm)
  • Each tile has 4 pre-drilled corners for easy installation 
  • Tile weight - approx. 5.1 kg


Fitting Methods

Very easy to install using corner connectors. For more information please contact our friendly sales team.


Product Summary

  • Low maintenance and durable hardwood decking tiles
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Perfect for renovating concrete decks, patios or balconies
  • Built using all stainless steel screws  


Ipe is a native South American timber, also known as 'Ironwood'. This dense timber can be considered the toughest available on the market for the production of garden decking, whether boards or tiles.

Similarly to Cumaru, Ipe is sought after for its outstanding colouration. Whilst boards tend to range from light brown to dark red, flecks of amber and green also often appear. When these different shades are clipped in together, an extraordinary display of colour is achieved, giving any outdoor living space a warm and homey atmosphere.


Dimensions & Weight

  • Each tile measures 500 mm x 500 mm x 30 mm
  • Each tile contains 7 boards (each measuring 65 mm x 15 mm x 500 mm)
  • Each tile has 4 pre-drilled corners for easy installation using connectors
  • Tile weight - approx. 5.4 kg 


Fitting Methods

Very easy to install using corner connectors. For more information please contact our friendly Sales Team.


Product Summary

  • Low maintenance and durable Ipe hardwood decking tiles
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Perfect for renovating concrete decks, patios or balconies
  • Built using all stainless-steel screws



Round Wood's decking tiles are ideal for remodelling your old patio, balcony or roof terrace. Decking tiles have all the durability of long-length hardwood decking and due to they are built with stainless steel hardware. This ensures years of hassle-free use without all the required maintenance.


Contact Us

For more information on decking tiles or boards, send an email to sales@roundwood.com, call on 01435 867 072, or visit www.roundwood.com.

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Customer Photos!

23 August 2019

Our customers have been very busy recently, sending us lovely photos of our products in their new homes – here is a first batch for you to look, including oak framed buildings and hardwood decking.


An excellent image sent in by a very happy customer who purchased our Mischievous Meerkat as a unique birthday present for her partner. This statue is full of character and looks wonderful next to their colourful flower beds.


We love this shot of our adorable Puppy Dog statue making friends. This feature adds a warm and welcoming feel to any outdoor space.





This customer purchased a 2-Bay garage from our Chippy range and has found it to be the perfect addition to their home.


These structures are ideal for those looking to gain some extra storage or off-road parking.















Captured by a drone, this combination building is impressive yet practical and has provided the client with both a summer house and garage that is built to last.









  These garden features have created the perfect spot for our customers to sit and enjoy Summer evenings in the garden. They found that their Howling Wolf statue looks particularly striking next to the flames from their handy fire pit.


Stunning photos of our largest Mild Steel Fire Pit. These burners are ideal for any event, especially if you’re looking to entertain guests and bring everyone together.

When you have a large space to work with, the benefits of our 1.2m size bowl are endless.







 A brilliant example of what can be achieved using high quality, durable deck boards from our traditional Oak selection.

These boards blend beautifully into any outdoor space as they are extremely complimentary to their surroundings and will provide years of service. 













We were thrilled to receive these images which show the eye-catching and contemporary look created by our smooth Balau decking.

The beautiful colouration offered by the boards is highly sought after due to the attractive, finishing effect it has on a garden/landscape.









 One of our favourite types of customer photos to receive are those that show the flower pots from our vast range, all planted up. Our selection of Terracini planters are perfect for Summer gardening as they make a subtle addition to any garden courtesy of their neutral Terracotta colour.


A fantastic use of our Clayfibre Chelsea Box planters. Not only have they added that finishing touch to the customers porch, they have also created an attractive front entrance for their home.


If you’re satisfied with your purchase from Round Wood, please let us know! Customer photos are greatly appreciated and we love sharing them with our followers/readers.

Get in touch!


01435 867 072

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NEW Thermory Brushed Spruce Cladding - Drift Collection

20 August 2019

The first in the Thermory® rebel collection, Drift unleashes the look of reclaimed wood but without the unknowns. Unrivalled in durability and rot-resistance these unique boards give a naturalistic and washed ashore vibe. With both internal and external cladding available it really is possible to find contemporary coloured cladding that best suits your needs and style.

Cut from Picea Abies Spruce, treated without chemicals, and finished with a multi-layer Water-based acrylic Drift finish, these Eco-friendly boards have outstanding durability with a fantastic price tag to match.

Just £7.50 per linear meter! (ex. VAT)


About Thermory

Thermory® only use high-quality spruce for their cladding boards, sourced from well-managed forests in Finland and Russia where good growing conditions and strict drying standards are enforced.

The Drift collection has been subjected to ‘intense’ thermo-treatment’, which heats and steams materials up to a maximum temperature of 215°C, ensuring maximum stability and a dark and rich colouring throughout the timber. This Eco-friendly and chemical-free process also ensures a low moisture content, removes remaining resin, reduces splitting, reinforces the timber and improves durability against decay. 

The end result is the transformation of responsibly harvested and rapid growing spruce, a softwood, into the perfect cladding material with class 1 durability credentials making it equal to the hardwoods.


Product Information

Each piece of timber board from the Brushed Spruce Drift collection is treated with fungicide to stop fungal growth between layers of tint and each backboard is oiled. In addition to oiling each board has a tongue and groove profile to ensure a flush finish against any surface.



Each board can be fitted using stainless steel nails or screws, and to avoid moisture accumulation, sufficient airflow is needed behind the boards. For very wet areas it is optional to use 1 mm spacers between the timbers.


Maintenance - External Cladding

Like all timbers, Thermo-treated boards for external use will begin to gently weather once installed. Drift finish, however, is estimated to last between 3 to 5 years without any major alteration in appearance. It is to be expected that surface hairline cracks may appear in the boards, this is a natural occurrence in timbers installed for external use.


Key Features

Some features of the interior and external cladding boards to note are; its consistent appearance, unique colouring, outstanding grain detailing, dependable stability, rot-resistance, significantly reduced moisture absorbency and, perhaps most noteworthy of all its multi-layered water-based acrylic Drift finish.


Colour Variants

Platinum & Black Pearl are two colour variants available in Round Wood’s external range. Both measuring at 175 mm face. Round Wood also has four colour variations in their interior range; Sandy Pearl, Smoked Brandy, Gunpowder & Silver Storm also measuring at 175 mm face.



To discuss your cladding requirements contact a member of Round Wood's timber team by calling 01435 867 072, sending an email to sales@roundwood.com or visiting us in Newick Lane, Mayfield, East Sussex.

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Oak Framed Garage Kits by Round Wood of Mayfield

12 August 2019

If you're looking for a traditional oak framed garage, you may want to consider the range of 'Chippy' kits offered by Round Wood of Mayfield.

Finding the right frame to build an exciting new part of your home can be daunting but Chippy is a good place to start, as they offer set designs and give a good pricing indication.

They are also excellent value, available on short lead times and may be exempt from planning permission and building regulations.


The range comprises of 47 standard designs, from 1 to 4 bays, in a variety of roof profiles. Additional options of half-bays, log stores, and side aisles allow for most requirements to be catered for (although modifications are possible).

Prices start at just £2,395 for a 1-bay garage kit, including the 150mm oak post frame, as well as softwood studwork, rafters, and weatherboard.

All buildings are traditionally crafted using curved braces and perfectly cut oak pegged, mortise and tenon joints. Only green oak is used, which contracts over time to provide further stability. Frames are pre-assembled in Round Wood's workshop prior to dispatch to ensure fit and ease of build.




If you are looking to buy a 'Chippy' kit as part of a project and are a keen DIYer putting these kits together may be an appealing challenge. Alternatively, Round Wood of Mayfield's qualified team offer groundwork, assembly, and roofing services for your 1 to 4 bay garage.

If you're looking for bespoke frames, there is plenty of information and resources on Round Wood of Mayfield's website. however, if self-assembly is more for you then Chippy is the place to go! 

Round Wood supply Chippy products nationwide from their base just outside of Mayfield. In addition to oak framed buildings, they offer hardwood decking, oak and walnut flooring, joinery products, and garden features.



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Themory Pine Cladding

25 July 2019

Our Thermory® Pine Cladding was recently used in a local project to stunning effect.

We were approached by a client looking for a simple, yet eye-catching method of cladding their contemporary property.

They were aware we had an extensive range of profiles so were seeking advice on the best solution. After hearing about the eco-friendly Thermory® collection we distribute in the UK, they selected pine cladding in a profile (C7J) that clips on to a simple substructure.

Thermory® sub structure battens feature a pre-installed hidden fastening that easily clips into the pre-machined grooves on the reverse of the chosen boards. As with all of Thermory's products, their pine C7J cladding boards have been thermo-treated; a chemical-free kilning process that ensures durability and rich colours.

Thermory® Pine cladding is available in several profiles which match the different Thermory® clip systems. 

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Round Wood planters help brighten Waitrose

18 July 2019

Round Wood of Mayfield recently helped dress a Sainsburys and Waitrose with landscape planters as part of the Brighter Heathfield initiative.

The non-profit organisation Brighter Heathfield Volunteers has worked tirelessly for 2 years to make the town of Heathfield a prime example of how a little TLC really does go a long way. Committee member Sue Young has, with her fellow devoted volunteers, come together to achieve Brighter Heathfield’s primary objective; “to clear litter and improve Heathfield”.

Round Wood, based on Newick Lane just outside the town, recently offered to help the initiative by supplying a selection of planters for the village from their extensive range, which includes fibrestone, clayfibre, terracotta and polystone pots.

The Brighter Heathfield Volunteers meet once a week outside of their local co-op at 10.00 am to discuss that week’s goals. Whether it is litter picking, clearing gutters or giving a permitted garden area some attention, everyone can get their hands dirty.  



Like all non-profit organisations, it is the sense of community, achievement and love for the cause that allows the Brighter Heathfield Volunteers to make a difference. Brighter Heathfield volunteers is a welcoming and well-oiled machine, Committee members provide the required equipment to the group of volunteers and everyone gets stuck in.

This community effort is really paying off and Sue can do nothing but sing the praises of those involved and those recognising and respecting the work they have achieved “Very sincere thanks must go to the Parish Council for grant funding, various other groups who have made generous donations, shops and premises who have given water, our jacket sponsors and Round Wood of Mayfield”



One of the biggest challenges Brighter Heathfield Volunteers face is how to make the most of communal areas with a small budget. This is where Round Wood of Mayfield was able to step in and offer their support. Round Wood have donated three beautiful Fiberstone trough planters which have found their new homes outside the local Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

The Fibrestone Contemporary Trough Planters were selected in a classic yet contemporary grey to complement both supermarket brands.


Fibrestone is an ideal material for planters. Whilst it offers the durability of fibreglass, Fibrestone still holds a solid and heavy feel, provided by the stone powder mixed into the composite. Along with being durable, these planters are low maintenance making them an excellent choice for commercial use, with the added bonus of being a fraction of the cost of lead equivalents.


These 1m planters are UV and frost protected allowing Brighter Heathfield Volunteers to keep the local area bright and cheery all year round.


Sue said of the planters: “They have really made a difference to the areas outside of Waitrose and Sainsburys. The grey gives a crisp contemporary look that contrasts well with the store colours and plants that were used." 

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All you need to know about Balau decking

4 July 2019

What is Balau Timber?

Balau is a native Asian wood, where, given its durability, it is widely used within the construction industry. Over recent years it has significantly increased in popularity in both Europe and America, with high-end customers recognising the attributes that make it particularly suitable for use as garden decking.


Renowned for its colouration, Balau boards tend to range from light to dark brown. When the different shades are fitted together, an impressive, eye-catching, rich, dark and unique deck is achieved, especially when wet (perfect for an English summer). Due to this beautiful colouration, Balau hardwood decking finishes any garden or landscape perfectly.


Balau may contain some small microscopic holes called Pinworm holes. These are not a defect in the boards, but a natural occurrence called Pinworm, which is allowed for in industry guidelines. Pinworm is not detrimental to the structure of the striking timber.



How do I protect my Balau decking?

Some companies pre-finish their decking timber before selling, however, Round Wood believes in keeping everything as natural as possible. 

There are many ways to protect and finish your decking and depending on how you want your decking to look once complete, some can be considered to be more advantageous than others.


Balau decking can be left untreated to weather down over time, or, can be treated with penetrating oils. Treatex, which is also available at Round Wood, is an exterior wood finish that can slow the ageing process of your decking boards. This particular decking oil is made on a base of natural, sustainable raw materials including; sunflower oil, soybean oil and rapeseed oil.


Please call 01435 867072 to speak with a member of our team.


How do I repair damage to my Balau decking?

Some damages are to be expected once your decking has been exposed, not only to the elements but to children, pets, shoes and furniture. However, some scratches and scuff marks are quick to repair with the easy 3-step method;



1.   Clean

2.   Sand back the damaged area

3.   Re-oil


If your decking is discoloured, it may only need scrubbing with hot soapy water to give it a new lease of life. However, for mould and mildew, and faded or stained decks, you will probably need to use a cleaning product specifically made for cleaning and restoring decks. Make sure you always scrub in the direction of the grain of the wood so you do not rough up the surface and edges.


For further information on cleaning or repairing your decking, give us a call on 01435 867072


Finishing Touches

To ensure your decking is best suited to your outdoor space and specific needs Round Wood offers a unique range of decking components, (all available in Balau) these include;


Balau handrails, baserails, infill, posts and spindles.


Round Wood's latest offer on 140mm x 19mm Balau Decking boards*  Now only £41.93 per m2


20% off orders of 50m2 or more!

15% off orders between 20-50m2!

10% off orders under 20m2!


*NOTE: These boards have more Pinworm holes than standard.



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Oak Whisky Barrel Bargains from £70.00!

19 March 2019

Now available at discounted prices, our charming selection of Whisky barrels are waiting for new homes to fill with a pleasant aroma and a taste of history. 





Derived from Scottish distilleries, these authentic features blend beautifully into any setting and are particularly striking when used as table tops, especially in Pub gardens!


They are extremely sturdy and make wonderful, eye-catching features for your home, pubs, bars or restaurants.






Oak Whisky Barrel 



Fresh stock is due to arrive this week of our ever-popular, standard sized Whisky barrels which stand at 90cm tall.


These vintage containers offer a sense of timelessness and are an all round, unique addition to your garden.






Also available...



These attractive Half Barrels are the result of cutting a single whole Barrel in half to form a spacious, distinctive container for all your planting needs. 

Originally priced at £72.00 and reduced to £35.00, they have now been discounted further to just £30.00 each!





 Oak Whisky Hogshead Barrel


If you're looking for something a bit smaller, our Hogshead barrels are the perfect solution! Measuring 89cm tall, these casks are distinctively stouter - an attribute often favoured by Scotch distillers due to their ability to contain more.









Oak Whisky Puncheon Barrel




Stood at 103cm tall, our impressive Puncheon barrels are fantastically extra large.

They are full of character and make beautifully rustic garden features and furniture as well as outdoor tables for pubs and bars.







 For any further information on these products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the sales team.

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Fire Pits & Water Bowls from just £57.50!

9 March 2019

Due to increased stock levels, we are currently offering to our customers, fantastic savings on our beautiful Curved Corten Steel Fire Pits & Water Bowls. 




Just like our original models, these excellent value bowls are manufactured in Corten Steel but differ from the usual shallow dish shape and instead feature an elegant curved edge.


Choose from 4 different sizes all at heavily discounted prices!




Corten Steel is incredibly strong and durable and on exposure to the elements, will weather to develop its own protective rust finish. The result is a beautiful garden feature with a striking rust appearance that will provide years of service.



For any further information on these products, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the sales team.

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