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30% off Animal Statues!

9 December 2016

In the first of our December promotions we are offering significant reductions on a number of our cast iron statues, including Hippos and Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Savings of up to 30% are available, whether you order online using the links below or via our sales team on 01435 860 888.

One of the largest discounts is on our Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Usually priced at £645, both the standing and sitting models are now available at £445 throughout the Christmas period.

Our ever popular cast iron Hippo statue is similarly well discounted at £290, from £380. Other models in the promotion include our classic stag, a majestic elephant and horse busts.





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Black Friday Weekend Deals!

26 November 2016

Our Black Friday Deals have now ended, but stay tuned for a number of offers we will be running in December.

The deals end at midnight on Cyber Monday (28th November). To qualify simply purchase online or call our sales team on 01435 867 072.

Garden Burners/Firepits

We are offering savings of 10% on both our Corten & Mild Steel ranges.

Corten Steel Dish Burners

60cm: £59 (Was £65)    80cm: £103 (Was £114)    100cm: £153 (was £169)   120cm: £193 (was £214)    150cm: £382 (was £424)

Mild Steel Burners

60cm: £40 (Was £44)    80cm: £70 (Was £77)    100cm: £115 (was £127)   120cm: £169 (was £187) 


Majestic Stags


 Our ever popular majestic stags are now available with a 50% discount. Statues can be facing left, right or straight.

Bronze Finish Cast Iron Majestic Stags:  £593 (was £743)

Rust Finish Cast Iron Majestic Stag: £593 (was £743)


Clayfibre Chelsea Planters

Fibreclay Troughs Clayfibre Chelsea Boxes

50cm Chelsea Trough: £16 (was £21)

27cm Chelsea Box: £12.50 (was £16.50)


Cast Iron Hippo

Our popular giant Hippo statue now has a little brother! 

Mini Cast Iron Hippo Statue: £85 (was £95)


Cast Iron Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Sitting Rhodesian Ridgeback 

Standing Rhodesian Ridgeback: £575 (was £633)

Sitting Rhodesian Ridgeback: £575 (was £633)


Oak Wine & Whisky Barrels


 Oak Wine Barrel: £118 (was £138)

Oak Whisky Barrel: £113 (was £132)


Thermo Pine Decking 

 115mm * 26mm Pine Decking: £20.40/m2 (was £22.67)


Log Baskets & Cast Iron Urns


We are also offering discounts across our entire ranges of:

Gothic Log Baskets: 15% off

Cast Iron Urns: 25% off

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TOTW: Oak Framed Buildings

1 November 2016

In the latest of our columns for the Times of Tunbridge Wells, we take a look at the process of purchasing an oak framed building.

Oak Frames Simplified

The prospect of purchasing an Oak Framed Building can be daunting, particularly if you have limited experience of construction projects.  If you are a first timer, we suggest viewing the process as a series of stages that can be managed to a level you feel comfortable with. A good supplier will value any input you wish to give, but should be equally happy to oversee the entire process.


Obtaining a quote

The enquiry process will be far easier if you have a good idea of the type and style of building you require.  Your first point of contact with a supplier should be to request any brochures they have. Along with their website and magazines, these are a rich source of inspiration.

During your research it is also well worth ascertaining if a ‘kit’ building can meet your requirements as they can represent great value. We supply 47 variations of standard garages, covering one to four bays.

You may, however, have specific needs and therefore require a bespoke design. Whichever path you take; several decisions will need to be made regarding the size and roof profile of your building. It is also worth considering at an early stage if you require joinery and living areas, which may have planning implications. 

The actual build process can be broken down into three stages: groundwork, frame assembly and roofing. The supplier of your oak frame will have in-house teams for each.  Whilst it is possible for you to source your own contractors - which can prove more cost effective if they are nearby - this is only recommended if you are prepared to manage the project to a high degree. 


Before proceeding with any quote you will obviously need to meet all planning and building regulations in your area. Most established frame suppliers will be happy to guide you through the regulatory process and often employ dedicated staff members.  This tends to be the simplest option given their experience and contacts in the field and knowledge of the buildings their company supplies.

Going Ahead


If you decide to take the plunge after obtaining your quote and planning permission, the next stage involves signing off on plans. Unless you have supplied these via an architect, your oak framer should draw these up for your approval. A site visit may be required depending on the nature of the project, from which working sketches may also be drawn.



Watching your building go up is the fun part, especially if you have decided that your framer will manage all of the necessary teams! The first phase involves the groundworkers digging out the foundations, pouring the concrete slab and then laying the necessary brick work.

Then the assemblers move in. First, they will fit a soleplate to the brickwork. Some of the upright green oak posts are secured to this using steel pins, whilst those that stand independently rest on staddle stones. The eaves beam, tie beam, rafters and ridge complete the frame assembly.

Studwork and bracing is then fitted, on to which the external weatherboard is fastened. This can be supplied in either oak or softwood, depending on budget. Next the rafters are put in place, ready for the tiles to be fitted by your final team – the roofers.


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Winter Warmers

21 October 2016

As our range of steel and iron firepits has rapidly expanded over the last couple of years, you may find this quick purchasing guide useful.

The increased popularity of firepits seems to be the result of a permanent shift in tastes, rather than the typical short lived garden trend. Their eye-catching nature, particularly when used as a centre piece at parties, ease of use and outstanding durability means they look set to remain a long-term, staple feature.

Demand has also been driven by innovation. The introduction of new materials combined with evolving design themes makes it possible to find a model to suit any garden.

The majority of firepits on the market echo those first used by our ancestors. Typically, they are cast or wrought in iron into a bowl shape that helps the burning process. Generally they are one piece, but can consist of several smaller panels. As many are supplied with a grill, they are not just suited for generating warmth and burning garden waste, but also cooking.

Recently, steel models have also become more frequently available given the different aesthetic they provide, especially Corten variants

Corten steel was originally developed to provide outstanding strength and durability for bridge building and skyscraper construction. This was achieved by combining a precise amount of base materials and maintaining a high carbon content, which helps ensure unique weathering characteristics.

Corten rusts in the eye-catching, uniform finish often found on a variety of high end features, including planters and sculptures, such as the Angel of the North. This finish, which requires no treatment, protects the blue steel underneath, giving Corten a much longer lifespan than its mild steel counterparts.

Available Materials

Corten Steel:

High grade steel that forms a highly sought after, uniform rust finish. Medium weight, outstanding durability. Available in 60cm, 80cm, 1m, 1.2m & 1.5m

Mild Steel:

Standard grade steel that will patina in a random fashion. Typically a lower gauge than Corten steel, but still capable of providing years of use. Available in 60cm, 80cm, 1m & 1.2m. Also available with trivets.

Cast Iron:

Traditional burner material, often finished with a black matt powder coating that patinas over time. Can form rust spots. Extremely heavy duty; most weighty material. Available in 80cm.

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TOTW: Engineered Flooring

3 October 2016

In the first of our columns for the Times of Tunbridge Wells, we explain why engineered oak boards represent the best option for homeowners looking to replace a floor.

If you are looking to replace a floor in your property, whether in isolation or as part of an overall renovation, it is well worth researching the numerous options thoroughly. Particularly if you plan to stay put for some time.

Flooring is key to setting the tone of any room, so avoid making hasty, last minute decisions, even if you are in the midst of stressful, large scale works.

Your first call will be on the material to be used. This will depend on taste, budget, footfall, application and the time you are prepared to spend on maintenance.

Whilst we have an appreciation of stone, tiles, carpet and even laminate here at Round Wood, it will come as no surprise that we believe oak flooring to be the best fit in many circumstances. It suits both traditional and contemporary properties, is hard wearing and affordable. Our ranges are also easy to fit, simple to maintain and are available in a variety of widths, styles and finishes.  

If oak is your selection, the next decision concerns whether to fit solid or engineered boards. We offer both, but the latter has been far more popular in recent years. This is an understandable trend; engineered flooring is the smart choice.

It should not be confused with far inferior laminates. Engineered boards feature a chunky section of oak (mounted on to a highly compressed base that resists shrinking and expansion), are indeterminable from their solid equivalents and can be fitted straight from the pack.

Engineered Flooring: Indeterminable from solid once fitted.

In addition to being extremely durable, even in rooms that experience temperature variance, they are easy to care for. The majority of our boards are supplied with a pre-oiled finished (with accompanying stains if required) that allows any damaged area to be treated quickly, without the need to refinish the surrounding floor. Given all these benefits, why opt for anything else?

Round Wood offer a wide range of high-end products for the home and garden including oak framed buildings, quality decking, flooring, joinery, sleepers, planters and statues. Their flooring range also includes engineered walnut and thermo-treated boards. 

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£10 Off Fun Sized Hippo!

3 October 2016

Following the success of our giant Hippo Statue, we have introduced a smaller, fun-sized model! Get one now for the introductory price of just £85.

This miniature is just as cute as its parent but stands only 27cm tall and weighs 11kg, so is easier to handle, will suit any property and costs only £10 to ship.

It comes in a rust finish and like its parent, the Mini Happy Hippo Statue is cast in iron with intricate hand-finished detailing.

This Small Happy Hippo is available at £95, but as an introductory offer we are giving a £10 discount! Order online now or call 01435 860 888 and quote code: NEWSH16.

The larger ‘parent’ model is, of course, still available and as popular as ever. The large hippo comes in both rust and antique white and is available at £380. 

Other statues in our range include Stags, Dogs, Horses and Pigs.

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Wagner Trolleys

20 July 2016

We are proud to announce that we have added the Wagner Trolley collection to our extensive range of planters and accessories. These Trolleys, which are engineered to the highest German standards, make light work of moving heavy planters, and can improve drainage. There are a number of designs available that suit a variety of needs, including:

•Wooden slatted anti-slip surface models in a number of different species for a natural earthy appearance.

•Plastic and WPC models in a choice of colours and shapes which boast water resistance.

•Cast Iron ornate designs for a more traditional use which are suitable for internal and external use.

Models from across the range have interesting and useful design features, including maxigrip surfaces and handles to aid portability.


View ALL Wagner Trolleys

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Mushroom Staddle Stones

18 July 2016

We are happy to introduce granite and sandstone mushroom staddle stones (pad stones) to our range. Originally, mushroom staddle stones were used to raise granaries, hayricks and game larders off the ground to stop vermin from getting to the stored stocks. The shape was designed specifically to feature the wide cap (mushroom) at the top as this would work as a barrier to minimise the possibility of vermin gaining access to the building above. These days however, the stones are also popular as garden features due to their attractive nature making them a feature in their own right.

Recently added to our current offering of straight or tapered stones, are granite and sandstone mushroom staddle stones (as pictures below).


For more information including sizes and prices please follow the relevant link below:

Granite Mushroom Staddle Stone


Sandstone Mushroom Staddle Stone

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Cast Iron Ridgeback Statues

8 April 2016

Throughout April our Rhodesian Ridgeback cast iron dog statues are available for just £575, reduced from £750.

Over recent years it has become clear that tidying the flowers beds and mowing the lawn isn’t always enough to produce the dream garden.

Individual tastes are taking over and gardens are beginning to take on their owner’s personas. This has seen a growth in the population of features, including garden statues.

Dogs have long been a popular choice.  A life size Rhodesian Ridgeback, available in a standing and sitting design, is a particular favourite with our customers. These are made from premium quality cast iron with intricate hand finished detail all round.

To celebrate the start of spring we are offering both the sitting and standing Rhodesian ridgeback dog statues have been reduced from £750 to an incredible £575! This offer is available throughout April but don’t delay as it’s only while stocks last. 


There are a number of ways you can place your order.

Online by clicking this link here and choosing your sitting or standing dog.

Phone us on 01435 860 888 where a member of the sales team will happily assist.

Email us at with any questions or to place your order.


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Fibrestone Planters

22 February 2016

Over the years Fibrestone has proven to be one of the favourite choices for both our landscape garden designers and retail customers. This is mainly due to their hardy nature courtesy of the stone powder mixed into the composite during the manufacturing process. The colour is then applied evenly to each planter, proving a sleek finish which is easy to wipe down, keeping the planters looking newer for longer. 


Originally, Fibrestone was available in the faux lead Chelsea design and the black and white contemporary options. The faux lead Chelsea is available in a range of sizes in cylinders, troughs and boxes allowing customers to pick and choose from the range depending on the desired look and plants being potted. The contemporary range is available in a choice of tall tapered planters, troughs and boxes catering for all spaces. 

Now, we have expanded our range to include both red and grey contemporary models. These are available in boxes, troughs and flared planters. The red finish adds a touch a colour, and works really well alongside the white, black and grey models. 

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