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Advent Offer Day 8

8 December 2015

On the 8th day of Christmas Round Wood offered me a pair of 140cm cast iron Medici Urns for just £800.


These Medici Urns are perfect for someone with a large property or for a grand entrance. These beautiful urns are hand cast in iron with hand finished detail all round, featuring the classic wreath design on the plinth and handled urn. The urn and plinth are separate pieces making transportation and positioning more manageable. These urn planters look great with large Cordyline plants which are also relatively easy to maintain. This offer is only available until 10am Thursday the 10th of December 2015.

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Advent Offer Day 7

7 December 2015

On the 7th day of Christmas Round Wood offered me 5% OFF the next 5 sales of Thermory® Decking boards.

Thermory® Thermo-treated Ash and Pine decking are both included in the advent offer. The benefits of Thermo-treated decking is the dimensional stability and its fantastic environmental credentials. In addition to the above, our Thermory® decking has a hidden fixing system which provides a floorless decked area which is uninterrupted by unsightly screws. Also the hidden fixing system is incredibly easy to fit, minimising labour time. For more information on our Thermory® or to order a free sample, please contact our sales team on 01435 867 072 or email us at

Thermory® Thermo-treated Pine Decking.

Thermory® Thermo-treated Ash Decking.


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Advent Offer Day 6

7 December 2015

On the 6th day of Christmas Round Wood offered me two Happy Hippo statues for just £300 each.

With only two available at this special price, we don’t expect these little guys to hang around for long. They look great peeping out of a garden pond, as a centre piece, or in pairs at the entrance to a driveway to greet you and visitor to you home. As with most of our statues our Happy Hippo’s are cast in iron, with hand finished detail. The natural rust finish weathers to form its own protective rust coating, meaning no maintenance is required. For further information please call our sales team on 01435 860 888 or write to us via the ‘contact us’ page.


Purchase your Happy Hippo online here.

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Advent Offer Day 5

5 December 2015

On the 5th day of Christmas Round Wood offered me, a great deal on a giant horsey! For today only, our life-size horse statues are available for just £3000.

Throughout the years we have expanded our range of garden statues and incorporated some eye catching life-size additions. 

Our grazing and proud horses are amongst the most recent and most popular; they proved a real success at this year’s shows!

As part of our advent calendar promotion we are offering a third off the standard retail price, but for one day only! The discounted price is available online throughout the 5th December. Our website will calculate kerbside shipping charges for you. 

As for the majority of our range, these statues are hand cast in iron so will truly last the test of time. They boast hand finished detail, span nearly 3m and weigh a whopping 750kg. They are also far easier to keep than a real life counterpart!

Lifesize Grazing Horse Statue: £3000

Lifesize Proud Horse Statue: £3000

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Advent Offer Day 4

4 December 2015

On the 4th day of Christmas Round Wood offered me 5% OFF Frames on Oak Framed Buildings

So whether you are looking for a one, two, three or four bay garage, a garden room, pool house, or a pergola, you will receive 5% OFF the frame if your order is placed and deposit paid before the end of December. We offer buildings in standard designs and kit form as well as offering an entirely bespoke service which can be made to your specification. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of your project please contact our buildings team who will be able to assist you on 01435 860 260 or use the contact form on the ‘contact us’ page of the website. We have a wealth of information online or of course we can send you a hard copy brochure in the post, simply contact us here.

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Advent Offer Day 3

3 December 2015

On the 3rd day of Christmas Round Wood offered me 50% OFF 27cm Clayfibre Chelsea Box Planters.


Chelsea Clayfibre Planters have been one of the most popular choices for our customers over the years. They provide an authentic appearance without the high price tag attached! The faux lead finish offers a subtle finishing touch to any English garden, with these little pots being perfect for flowers, topiary and potting a little Christmas tree. In addition to the great price on offer today, if they are bought in pairs an additional saving is made, as they can be dispatched 2 per parcel minimising delivery fees. There are 20 Chelsea Boxes available at the discount price of £7 (down from £14!) so Ho Ho – Hop on over and shop now!

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Advent Offer Day 2

2 December 2015

On the 2nd day of Christmas Round Wood offered me up to 10 Oak cottage door kits for only £140 each.


Our solid oak cottage door kits are produced in our saw mill in the heart of Sussex. Your kit can be supplied with rose head nails or screws and plugs for assembly. All doors and door kits are supplied unfinished, allowing you to apply your desired tint or finish once the door is fully assembled. You could also dress your doors with traditional oak latches…. Look out for the rest of our Advent Offers as these may well be included! Solid oak internal doors are supplied with random width boards which are 20mm thick. The face of the door will have a 6mm beading and the rear a small v-joint. Our solid oak is supplied in character grade as standard. 

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Advent Offer Day 1

1 December 2015

On the 1st day of Christmas Round Wood offered me 10% OFF the next 10 sales of Corten Steel Fire Pits.


As Christmas approaches what more do loved ones want for a present then the gift of fire?! Our fire-pits are a fantastic addition to patios and gardens providing a usable outside space well into the winter! Our burners are available in a range of sizes, including; 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm and 150cm giving you the choice depending on the space available and you needs. So this year when the children want to play in the snow, in the garden, you can join them with a mulled wine whist sitting around your fire-pit. These garden burners really are the solution to a happy, warm, family Christmas!



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The Christmas Advent Offers!

30 November 2015

For the run up to Christmas we are offering a number of promotions including discounts, competitions and giveaways, from the 1st to the 24th of December. These include a range of products from our quality oak and cladding range, decking and flooring, oak framed buildings and our collection of home and garden features. Each day brings a new offer so don't worry if you don't like the days offer, as there will be a brand new offer the very next day! 


Keep your eyes peeled each day for the new advent offer. We will be emailing all our subscribed customers, as well as sharing with our social media followers and updating our blog!

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15% off Log Baskets

27 November 2015

We all love spending crisp cold evenings sitting in front of a glowing wood burner, watching the flames flicker; until you realise you need to go back into the cold for more logs. 

So why not treat yourself this winter to a wrought iron log basket, to keep your stove fuel nearby throughout the evening. All our fire baskets are hand wrought in iron, using traditional working methods. 

We are offering 15% OFF all designs throughout November and December 2015! The fire baskets come in two different designs, and a range of sizes too suit your home and fire stock needs. 



As well as being used for attractive wood storage, these baskets are also perfect in use as a Brazier. 

Braziers are more gothic versions of fire pits, providing a similar service of warmth in the garden. The sales of Braziers has risen since the popular ‘Game of thrones’ series was released – as they are featured in many episodes.

All of our Log Baskets / Braziers come with a FREE bag of Briquettes, to get you started. The Briquettes (eco-nuggets) are made from waste material produced in out mill, which is pressed to create a ‘nugget’. The eco-nuggets are not only a greener alternative to heat your home, but also create a fuel with a lower ash content than other timber alternatives. 

Claim your 15% OFF by shopping online here!

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