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Advent Offer Day 2

2 December 2015

On the 2nd day of Christmas Round Wood offered me up to 10 Oak cottage door kits for only £140 each.


Our solid oak cottage door kits are produced in our saw mill in the heart of Sussex. Your kit can be supplied with rose head nails or screws and plugs for assembly. All doors and door kits are supplied unfinished, allowing you to apply your desired tint or finish once the door is fully assembled. You could also dress your doors with traditional oak latches…. Look out for the rest of our Advent Offers as these may well be included! Solid oak internal doors are supplied with random width boards which are 20mm thick. The face of the door will have a 6mm beading and the rear a small v-joint. Our solid oak is supplied in character grade as standard. 

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Advent Offer Day 1

1 December 2015

On the 1st day of Christmas Round Wood offered me 10% OFF the next 10 sales of Corten Steel Fire Pits.


As Christmas approaches what more do loved ones want for a present then the gift of fire?! Our fire-pits are a fantastic addition to patios and gardens providing a usable outside space well into the winter! Our burners are available in a range of sizes, including; 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm and 150cm giving you the choice depending on the space available and you needs. So this year when the children want to play in the snow, in the garden, you can join them with a mulled wine whist sitting around your fire-pit. These garden burners really are the solution to a happy, warm, family Christmas!



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The Christmas Advent Offers!

30 November 2015

For the run up to Christmas we are offering a number of promotions including discounts, competitions and giveaways, from the 1st to the 24th of December. These include a range of products from our quality oak and cladding range, decking and flooring, oak framed buildings and our collection of home and garden features. Each day brings a new offer so don't worry if you don't like the days offer, as there will be a brand new offer the very next day! 


Keep your eyes peeled each day for the new advent offer. We will be emailing all our subscribed customers, as well as sharing with our social media followers and updating our blog!

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Landscape Show - Follow up!

14 October 2015

We have had a great response following this year’s Landscape Show, with our new Thermory range creating a lot of interest. In addition to our Thermory range, we took a small selection of statues, hardwood and bags and bags of promotional goodies. We love the Thermory collection and were intrigued to see what our fellow contractors thought, and we really couldn’t have asked for a better response.

Our central panel was made up of Thermo-Ash cladding using Thermory’s innovative hidden fastening system, giving us a chance to try out the fitting system for ourselves. It made creating a cladding board very simple, as the joists come already fitted and spaced with the fixings, leaving us to simply pop on each cladding board. The whole process took around 10 minutes.

The landscape show team were extremely helpful, as always and we look forward to another successful year exhibiting next year. Where we will have a number of pitches (one for every gnome!) to showcase a variety of products from across the Round Wood group.


We look forward to seeing you in 2016.


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The Landscape Show

12 September 2015

Our late season exhibitions are fast approaching and we are all working hard on the last minute touches for the Landscape Show in Battersea Park, London.

The Landscape Show last year was a great success, we gathered a wealth of information and met many new clients, whom we have been working extensively with over the last year. For display this year we have carefully selected some of our cast Iron Statues and we will be showcasing our new collection of Thermo Treated decking, cladding and flooring products by Thermory®. We are sponsoring this year’s show, so you will find some hidden gems in your welcome bag – and more if you visit our stand!


Following our recent appointment as a UK distributor of the innovative and eco-friendly Thermory® collection, we now offer thermo-treated decking boards in both hardwood and softwood, along with a unique and time-saving hidden fixing system. As with their entire range, Thermory® decking boards have been heated and steamed at temperatures of up to 215°C in computer controlled kilns. This toughens the timber, (so achieves outstanding dimensional stability), ensures a low moisture content and develops a dark, luxurious colour. The result is an attractive board that is extremely stable, even when cut from softwoods. Crucially, Thermory® also boast outstanding environmental credentials; their processes are entirely chemical free and are only applied to responsibly harvested raw materials.

You can still apply for tickets at this year’s show, simply follow this link.


We’ll see you there.

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Enter our £1000 competition!

14 May 2015

Whilst you are here, why not enter the amazing prize draw we are holding to celebrate the opening of our new offices.

Oak Framed Office

Things are happening down at Round Wood. In order to aid our continued expansion we have recently completed the build of an eye-catching oak framed office, which doubles as a show building.

Several members of our sales team are already enjoying their new surroundings, which features oak joinery crafted in our workshop and a selection of the oak flooring we supply.

We are also in the process of developing a new mill, a new home for our joinery team and a showroom, which will include additional office space.    

To celebrate, we have decided to stage a prize draw with three amazing prizes: £1000, £500 and £250 to spend on anything we sell at Round Wood, from planters and garden statues to hardwood decking, oak flooring and oak frame buildings

Every entrant will also be invited to the grand opening of the new Round Wood when development work is complete.

To enter, simply use our contact form to email us. Please supply all of the details required accurately and in the message box state ‘Competition Entry’ along with details of where you heard about the competition.

Alternatively, you can visit us at Round Wood or any of the following events to complete an entry form:

- Heathfield Show, (23rd May, Heathfield Show Ground)

- Wealden Times Fair, (4th-6th June, Hole Park Rolvenden)

- Bentley Woodfair, (18th-20th September, Bentley Wildfowl) 

Please note that by entering the competition you agree to receive promotional offers and information via email. Entries are limited to one per person.

The draw will be conducted at our stand on the final day of the Bentley Woodfair, (Sunday 20th September 2015), at 5pm. The winners will be contacted by e-mail the following day.

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Oak Frame Buildings Simplified

15 January 2015

Purchasing an oak framed building can appear a daunting propsect, so we have put together a quick step-by-step guide for prospective customers.

It has recently been published in a number of leading lifestyle magazines. The version here is taken from the Wealden Propery Magazine where it was featured as a front page lead. 

If you require any further information or a copy of our brochure, please do not hesitate to call our sales team on 01435 867 072.

Oak Frames Simplified

A guide by Round Wood of Mayfield

An important consideration when looking at any new property is its potential for improvement. This is often achieved by extending the main residence or adding and replacing outbuildings such as a garages, porches, garden rooms, and gazebos.. 

Whilst many types of structure are available, oak frames are increasingly used as they offer a stunning aesthetic, outstanding durability and are treated sympathetically by planners. Their recent recently rise in popularity ensures they add to the value of any home, whether new or existing.

The prospect of purchasing an oak framed building can, however, appear daunting, particularly if you have limited experience of construction projects.  As such, here is a quick guide that breaks the process down into a series of stages that can be managed to a level you feel comfortable with. A good supplier will value any input you wish to give, but should be equally happy to oversee the entire process.

Obtaining a quote

The enquiry process will be far easier if you have a good idea of the type and style of building you require.  Your first point of contact with a supplier should be to request any brochures they have. Along with their website and magazines, these are a rich source of inspiration 

During your research it is also well worth ascertaining if a ‘kit’ building can meet your requirements as they can represent great value. Round of Mayfield, for instance, supplies 47 variations of standard garages and 12 off the peg garden rooms!  

You may, however, have specific needs and therefore require a bespoke design. Whichever path you take, several decisions will need to be made. You can save time by considering these before contacting a supplier to obtain a quote. You will need to provide information on the following:

Dimensions: You will need to give relatively accurate details of desired footprint & height.

Roofline: Where appropriate, you will need to choose from a selection of profiles:

Gable - Front & rear rooflines tiled to apex. No tiling to sides.

Hip - All four sides of roofline tiled to apex.

Barn Hip - Front & rear rooflines tiled to apex.  Side rooflines tiled from halfway.

Bricks/Tiles: Do these need these to keep in style with surrounding buildings? 

Joinery: Do you require doors, windows or a staircase? Many frame suppliers also have joinery workshops.

Space: Do you require partitions or living areas, which may have planning implications?

Construction: Who do you want to carry out the build?  The build process can be broken down into three stages: groundwork, frame assembly and roofing. The supplier of your oak frame will have in-house teams for each.  Whilst it is possible for you to source your own contractors - which can prove more cost effective if they are nearby - this is only recommended if you are prepared to manage the project to a high degree. 


Before proceeding with any quote you will obviously need to meet all planning and building regulations in your area. If you are considering a large frame and your local authority is considered to be strict, it may save time to enquire about any conditions you may have to meet before even contacting an oak frame supplier for a quote.  

There are several useful planning resources at your disposal. Most councils offer a pre-application advice service and a wealth of information can be found on the ‘Planning Portal’ website, where applications can be made online.  

Most established frame suppliers, however, will be happy to guide you through the regulatory process and often employ dedicated staff members.  This tends to be the simplest option given their experience and contacts in the field and knowledge of the buildings their company supplies. If your project is relatively small, they may be able to tell you immediately if planning permission is even a requirement.

Going Ahead

If you decide to take the plunge after obtaining your quote and planning permission, the next stage involves signing off on plans. Unless you have supplied these via an architect, your oak framer should draw these up for your approval. A site visit may be required depending on the nature of the project.

“After a quote is approved, we will contact the customer to discuss the fine details,” explains Anna Baldwin, CAD operator for Round Wood of Mayfield. “Plans will then be drawn up and sent to them for sign off. If they have any revisions, the plans are amended.”


Watching your building go up is the fun part, especially if you have decided that your framer will manage all of the necessary teams! The first phase involves the groundworkers digging out the foundations, pouring the concrete slab and then laying the necessary brick work.

Then the assemblers move in. First, they will fit a soleplate to the brickwork. Some of the upright green oak posts are secured to this using steel pins, whilst those that stand independently rest on staddle stones. The eaves beam, tie beam, rafters and ridge complete the frame assembly.

Studwork and bracing is then fitted, on to which the external weatherboard is fastened. This can be supplied in either oak or softwood, depending on budget. Next the rafters are put in place, ready for the tiles to be fitted by your final team – the roofers.

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Oak Framed Buildings & Listed Properties

25 November 2014

We recently advised members of the Listed Property Owners' Club on the issues around constructing an oak frame within the curtilage of a listed building. 

In an article published in their monthly magazine, various topics were covered, including how to approach the planning stages and liasing with conservation offices. The article can be read in full below.

Oak Framing and Listed Properties

Oak Framed Garden Room

As you will all be aware any development to, or around, a Listed Building can be a tricky, bureaucratic process. Adding an oak framed building to such a property - whether it be an extension, garage or garden room - is no exception.

In addition to any standard planning permission that may be required, which can prove tricky enough, Listed Property Consent must be sought simultaneously. This generally necessitates the involvement of a number parties including, of course, a conservation officer and architect.

To facilitate this process, your selected Oak Framing Company would ideally be involved from a very early stage. As every Listed Property owner knows, the status of their building and its surroundings provides the context against which any development decision must be made, so their input into what can and can’t be achieved is often crucial.

Round Wood of Mayfield, an established national supplier of Oak Framed Buildings, have been involved in a number of such projects. Whilst they are happy to come on board to work on plans already drawn up by the conservation architect, they have often been called in at the concept stage.

“If a customer still only has a rough idea of what they are looking to achieve, we will carry out an initial consultation with them,” explains Will Sheffield, Head Site Surveyor at Round Wood of Mayfield.

“This involves visiting the property and getting as much information as possible on their requirements and the existing vernacular. Whilst the architecture of the buildings within the curtilage of the Listed Property is crucial, it is also important to consider those within the more general neighbourhood.”

Extensive discussion would also take place at this point on the style of development that would most likely get approval.

“Whilst the key is to maintain the appearance and integrity of the listed building, this does not always mean that the oak frame must be designed to match,” Will Sheffield adds.

“We have been involved with extensions, for instance, that have needed to be distinct from the existing building so they were given a modern feel. The conservation officer was keen for the original to stand out by itself and not be seamlessly integrated into a new structure.

“Generally, however, and almost always in the instance of outbuildings such as garages, garden rooms and home offices, remaining in keeping is the major objective.”

Following this initial visit, sketches of the possible development are drawn up. These are provided to the customer for feedback and any required revisions are made. This process is repeated as often as is required until the desired building is achieved. 

Oak Framed Building Sketch


At this stage, the Technical Design team gets involved. A CAD technician will work closely with the surveyor to translate sketches to detailed plans. Once signed off, these can be formally submitted for the required permissions.

Oak Framed Building Plan

If Round Wood of Mayfield have not been involved from the concept stage, they are generally brought in on a consultation basis before plans are submitted. Involvement after this point allows for the possibility of plans being approved, but then being unachievable or unnecessarily expensive from an oak framing perspective. Any subsequent modification would then have been sent back into the planning and Listed Property consent process.

Even at this stage, advice is often sought on a range of issues to ensure that applications have the best chance of being approved.

“There are a lot of factors that can be taken into consideration by the authorities,” Matthew Lyward, Sales Director at Round Wood, points out. “These can range from major issues such as which roof profiles are permissible, right down to minor details, such as which tiles are used. All of these can determine whether the appearance of a building is significantly altered.

“Generally speaking, working to the highest standards possible are desirable with Listed Properties. So opting for oak weatherboard and rafters over cheaper softwood equivalents may well save money in the long run as the building is more likely to be approved first time around.”

Once the development is approved, the frame is finally made. Round Wood of Mayfield use traditional crafting techniques - including curved braces and mortise and tenon joints - and dry fit every component in their workshop to ensure ease and speed of fit on site.

Oak Framed Building Construction

Whilst Round Wood of Mayfield’s own installation team erect the vast majority of frames they supply, homeowners can use their own fitters. This can prove more cost effective if skilled carpenters are on site working on other projects or are readily available locally.


2-Bay Oak Framed Building

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Cedar Shingles & Ridge Tiles

4 November 2014

Our Cedar shingles continue to prove a popular choice of roof covering given their warm, rich colours and natural, sweet smell. 

The shingles we offer are blue label certified and are manufactured by Olympic Cedar Products, a member of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. Member mills have committed to consistent quality through independent third-party inspections by accredited.

As Cedar is very rich in oils, it is extremely resilient to the effects of weathering and requires no treatment.

             Pictured: Blue label No.1 grade cedar shingles

We also offer ridge tiles. These allow you to finish off your roof with minimum fuss, as they are pre-stapled and ready to fit. We recommend you fit your cedar shingles with stainless steel ring shank nails, of which we provide a range of sizes to suit your needs. 

Western Red Cedar Shingles £39.50

Western Red Cedar Ridge Tiles £40.00

Various Ring Shank Rails

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Oak Framed Building in Motion!

8 September 2014

We thought you might like to see our oak framed building team at work, so have produced a short video of a recent project using a timelapse camera.

One of our customers kindly allowed us to record the construction of their oak framed garden complex.

It begins just after the groundwork has been finished and ends with the building completed, ready for tiles. We will bring you shots of the finished building, with our oak joinery, soon!

You can see the team raise the oak pasts and fit the horizontal eaves beam and rafters. Breather membrane and batons are then added. We have shortened the night sequences for obvious reasons!

For more videos of recent projects and product showcases visit out YouTube Channel.

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