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Garden Statues: Easter Island Family Expands!

15 June 2011

There has been a new addition to the Easter Island family at Round Wood; we are now offering a model named after the ‘Ahu Tongariki,’ the platform on which this style of head is predominantly found.

Ahus are stone dais that typically face the sea. Over 300 were found on Rapa Nui, at least 100 of which are known to have definitely supported Moai statues.


Ahu Tongariki is the largest platfrom on the island. It was swept inland in the last century, but has since been restored. The heads found on Ahu Tongariki typically feature long bodies and wizened arms, as can be seen on our new garden statue model!

He stands a whopping 1.5m tall, but like the rest of our Easter Island statues can be handled into position by two or three or people courtesy of an innovative production method. A stone/concrete mix is sculpted around a hollow fibreglass mesh that keeps the weight of the statue down, but still provides a solid feel.

The Tongariki Easter Island Head costs £360 and be collected or delivered nationwide.

Easter Island Heads, or 'Moai Statues', were carved by the inhabitants of Easter Island from around 1250 AD to commemorate their ancestors. The majority do not feature a ‘body’, such as the Rano Easter Island statues we supply.

The first European to lay eyes on one of the imposing figures was the Dutch explorer Roggeveen in 1722. When Captain Cook landed just over 50 years later, many had been toppled. 

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