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Tongariki at Hampton Court

26 July 2011

Our new style of 'Tongariki Easter Island Head' featured on a thematic show garden at Hampton Court Flower Shower recently.

The sculpture, which stands 1.5m tall, was a key feature of ‘A precious Warning,’ an exhibit that strongly emphasised the importance of sustainability. The stand was the brainchild of local garden designer Keri Mulqueen who worked in association with Plumpton College.

It proved extremely popular with both event organizers and the public; receiving a bronze award for design and being frequently used as a backdrop for photos.

“The Easter Island Statue really helped us to bring a dash of Easter Island authenticity to the garden,” said Mulqueen, MD of Hove based The Good Design Company. “It played a key part in conveying the message that we need to protect our natural resources and also really helped to draw people in.”

The garden was created to inform and educate the public about the effects of an unsustainable culture.  The story of Easter Island, or Rapa Nui, provided an ideal backdrop to explore these issues against.

Easter Island Head Garden Statue

Easter Island experienced a collapse of its Eco- system, which led to the extinction of many of the islands prehistoric and indigenous species; events associated with the over exploitation of Easter Islands natural resources, particularly timber.

Many of the trees on the island are believed to have been felled and used as ‘rollers’ to transport the giant heads the population carved to commemorate their ancestors. When explorers from Europe, led by Roggeveen and Captain Cook, first discovered the Island in the 1500’s they were struck by its bleakness.

This was represented by the rear of the show garden which featured the Easter Island Statue, or Moai, set affront his native, barren landscape. Lush planting with a tropical influence surrounded this area, representing other islands living sustainably. A water irrigation feature within the planting made out of plastic represented how items can be re-cycled and re-used advantageously.

A ‘Tongariki’ Moai Statue was selected for the exhibit, a recent addition to our range of Easter Island Head Garden Statues. Other models we offer include the classic ‘Rano’ and ‘Louvre’ style Easter Islands Heads, which range in size from 30cm to a whopping 2.05 metres - the largest available anywhere in the world on a non-bespoke basis.

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