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Treatex Colour Tones

29 May 2015

If you are considering fitting our engineered oak flooring boards, you may be interested to know they can be tinted using Treatex Hard Wax Oil.

Whilst the majority of our range of engineered flooring comes pre-finished with two coats of oil we always recommend that, once fitted, a layer of ‘Clear’ Treatex is then applied to seal the joints.  This is available in a matt or satin finish and will only slightly warm the colour of the timber, (as would any moisture).

The option exists, however, to create an entirely different aesthetic as Treatex Hard Wax oil is also available in a range of ‘Colour Tones’. This is applied before still using a final coat of the clear, (as this has enhanced protection qualities), in one or two layers, depending on the final colour required.

The Colour Tone Range

Antique Oak Treatex   Chocolate Treatex   Dark Oak Treatex   Ebony Treatex

Light Oak Treatex   Mahogany Treatex   Medium Oak Treatex   Pebble Grey Treatex

Slate Treatex   Spruce Treatex   Teak Treatex

Please note that colours on screen may not match those of the oil once on timber. We advise experimenting with samples first.

A ‘natural’ tone is also available, designed to replicate the exact colour of the original flooring. This is achieved by the addition of white pigments that compensate for the slight warming caused by the final layer of clear oil.

Whatever look you decide on, Treatex offers outstanding protection for floors, skirting and worktops. It has been developed over 40 years and is often used in high footfall, commercial environments.

Treatex Hard Wax Oil is manufactured on a base of natural sustainable raw materials: jojoba oil, linseed oil, sunflower oil, beeswax, candelilla wax and carnauba wax. It is easy to apply, dries quickly and is simple to maintain as individual areas of an oiled finish can be treated, (unlike a lacquered finish). 

Treatex can of course also be used with our unfinished engineered flooring boards. We would recommned two coats of a colour tone, followed by two coats of clear hard wax oil.

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