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SVLK certified Balau decking

13 July 2015

In line with our ongoing commitment to supply responsibly harvested timber, we ensure that all Balau Decking from Indonesia is sourced with SVLK certification.

Indonesia boasts some of the largest natural forests in the world. Its 80 million hectares are the biggest in Asia and third largest in the tropics, so it is no surprise that timber products are seen as a key export for the archipelago.

Unfortunately, potential growth in this area has not been fully realised over recent decades. 

Concerns over forestry practices and rampant illegal logging have seen consumer nations often hesitate to trade, particularly those in North America and Europe where regulation is increasingly strict.

In order to open up these markets, the Indonesian government introduced SVLK certification in 2010. Despite some initial hitches, Indonesia is now rapidly improving its level of timber exports, which include hardwood decking, flooring, plywood, furniture and mouldings. 

The ‘Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu’, or SVLK, ensures that certified timber has been legally sourced from recognised and responsibly harvested forests. It also ensures suitable forest governance, reduces deforestation and encourages environmentally friendly practices. This is achieved through on site audits at every stage of the supply chain and by ensuring an adequate chain of custody.

Significantly, the EU has deemed the SVLK process sufficiently rigorous; certified timber is compliant with European Union Timber Regulations (EUTR) through a Voluntary Partnership Agreement.

This demonstration of provenance has particularly contributed to the growth in popularity of Balau decking from Indonesia in recent years, as high end consumers are increasingly concerned with environmental credentials. They have also come to better appreciate Balau’s hard-wearing qualities and outstanding contemporary appearance.

As such, we have dramatically increased our holdings of certified Indonesian Balau over the last two seasons. It is now available in a variety of widths and profiles, in lengths ranging from 2.1m to 4.8m.

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