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Thermo-treated range added

30 October 2015

We have recently introduced a new collection of eco-friendly timber products from Thermory, including decking, cladding and flooring.

 Thermo-Treated Pine Decking

The shift in demand towards environmentally friendly and sustainable timber products has seen a number of innovations introduced to the market over recent years. These have included composite and recycled materials, improved manufacturing techniques and the development of forestry management guidelines.

Typically, these have come at a cost, both literally and in terms of quality. Increased burdens at every stage of the traditional timber supply chain often increases expense to the end user, whilst the synthetic and recycled alternatives that are offered tend to lack the authenticity of natural wood.

There have, of course, been exceptions. The Heveatech decking range we introduced last year is a good example. As it is cleverly engineered from rubber trees that have reached the end of their useful life it is extremely stable, planet friendly and offered at a competitive price.

We extended our commitment to the sourcing of such high quality, responsibly sourced products by introducing the Thermory® collection last month.

The range includes decking, cladding and flooring, all of which has been thermo-treated. This chemical free process is used to transform ash and spruce from responsibly managed forests in North America and Europe into timber with a durability that rivals that of tropical hardwoods. 

Thermo-treatment takes place in computer controlled kilns. Finished timber profiles are heated and steamed at temperatures of up to 215°C in order to reduce moisture content, remove resins and bake out the natural sugars that can cause decay. 

The end result is an extremely durable timber with outstanding dimensional stability, suitable for a variety of external and internal uses. Thermo-treatment also infuses the timber with a deep, luxurious colour throughout, particularly suited to contemporary projects.

Round Wood already offer a large number of items from the competitively priced Thermory® range, with more to be added over the coming months.

Thermo-treated decking is currently available in both ash and spruce 118mm wide boards, with a smooth face both sides. Thermo-treated cladding/weatherboard in the two timbers is also on offer, in a selection of profiles, along with 150mm and 190mm ash flooring.  All are supplied with a selection of unique and time saving fitting accessories, which can drastically cut on site fitting times. 

118mm Thermory® decking, for example, is pre-grooved for use with their ‘clip-strip’ hidden fastening system. As these strips are fastened onto joists for the boards to simply clip into, they also cut out the need for unsightly face screws, improving the look of your deck.

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