Advent Offer Day 15

15 December 2015 in Home & Garden Features | Oak & Decking Products | Oak Framed Buildings

On the 15th day of Christmas Round Wood offered me Free Adhesive with the next 10 sales of Engineered Flooring.


Are you looking to have your new oak flooring finished before Christmas? There is no time like the present, as we are giving away FREE Lecol laminate floor glue with the next 10 sales of engineered flooring. This includes both engineered oak and walnut boards in all widths and thicknesses. This FREE glue will apply to all customers choosing to float their floor over an underlay – the glue is used for to secure the tongue and groves.



Our engineered oak and walnut flooring is incredibly stable, courtesy of the cross-bonded multiply backing. This makes the engineered flooring ideal for use with underfloor heating. If you are still unsure which flooring is right for you, why not order some samples to study in your home.



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