Advent Offer Day 20

21 December 2015 in Home & Garden Features | Oak & Decking Products | Oak Framed Buildings

On the 20th day of Christmas Round Wood offered me...10 Oak Latches available at just £30 each (inc VAT).


Our oak latches are traditionally hand crafted using European oak in the heart of Sussex. When looking for door furniture many customers choose the traditional oak latch as they offer a far simpler and elegant solution over wrought iron. These latches are discounted from £36 to £30 each for today’s advent offer, but don’t delay because we only have 10 available at this price.

We offer two designs of oak latch, the ‘Suffolk’ which has a finger trigger leaver to open, or the ‘Minster’ design which provides a leaver system hidden behind an oak handle. There is no benefit to which you chose, the choice would merely be down to personal preference.

Traditional Oak Suffolk Latch

Traditional Oak Minster Latch


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