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TOTW: Engineered Flooring

3 October 2016

In the first of our columns for the Times of Tunbridge Wells, we explain why engineered oak boards represent the best option for homeowners looking to replace a floor.

If you are looking to replace a floor in your property, whether in isolation or as part of an overall renovation, it is well worth researching the numerous options thoroughly. Particularly if you plan to stay put for some time.

Flooring is key to setting the tone of any room, so avoid making hasty, last minute decisions, even if you are in the midst of stressful, large scale works.

Your first call will be on the material to be used. This will depend on taste, budget, footfall, application and the time you are prepared to spend on maintenance.

Whilst we have an appreciation of stone, tiles, carpet and even laminate here at Round Wood, it will come as no surprise that we believe oak flooring to be the best fit in many circumstances. It suits both traditional and contemporary properties, is hard wearing and affordable. Our ranges are also easy to fit, simple to maintain and are available in a variety of widths, styles and finishes.  

If oak is your selection, the next decision concerns whether to fit solid or engineered boards. We offer both, but the latter has been far more popular in recent years. This is an understandable trend; engineered flooring is the smart choice.

It should not be confused with far inferior laminates. Engineered boards feature a chunky section of oak (mounted on to a highly compressed base that resists shrinking and expansion), are indeterminable from their solid equivalents and can be fitted straight from the pack.

Engineered Flooring: Indeterminable from solid once fitted.

In addition to being extremely durable, even in rooms that experience temperature variance, they are easy to care for. The majority of our boards are supplied with a pre-oiled finished (with accompanying stains if required) that allows any damaged area to be treated quickly, without the need to refinish the surrounding floor. Given all these benefits, why opt for anything else?

Round Wood offer a wide range of high-end products for the home and garden including oak framed buildings, quality decking, flooring, joinery, sleepers, planters and statues. Their flooring range also includes engineered walnut and thermo-treated boards. 

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