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Winter Warmers

21 October 2016

As our range of steel and iron firepits has rapidly expanded over the last couple of years, you may find this quick purchasing guide useful.

The increased popularity of firepits seems to be the result of a permanent shift in tastes, rather than the typical short lived garden trend. Their eye-catching nature, particularly when used as a centre piece at parties, ease of use and outstanding durability means they look set to remain a long-term, staple feature.

Demand has also been driven by innovation. The introduction of new materials combined with evolving design themes makes it possible to find a model to suit any garden.

The majority of firepits on the market echo those first used by our ancestors. Typically, they are cast or wrought in iron into a bowl shape that helps the burning process. Generally they are one piece, but can consist of several smaller panels. As many are supplied with a grill, they are not just suited for generating warmth and burning garden waste, but also cooking.

Recently, steel models have also become more frequently available given the different aesthetic they provide, especially Corten variants

Corten steel was originally developed to provide outstanding strength and durability for bridge building and skyscraper construction. This was achieved by combining a precise amount of base materials and maintaining a high carbon content, which helps ensure unique weathering characteristics.

Corten rusts in the eye-catching, uniform finish often found on a variety of high end features, including planters and sculptures, such as the Angel of the North. This finish, which requires no treatment, protects the blue steel underneath, giving Corten a much longer lifespan than its mild steel counterparts.

Available Materials

Corten Steel:

High grade steel that forms a highly sought after, uniform rust finish. Medium weight, outstanding durability. Available in 60cm, 80cm, 1m, 1.2m & 1.5m

Mild Steel:

Standard grade steel that will patina in a random fashion. Typically a lower gauge than Corten steel, but still capable of providing years of use. Available in 60cm, 80cm, 1m & 1.2m. Also available with trivets.

Cast Iron:

Traditional burner material, often finished with a black matt powder coating that patinas over time. Can form rust spots. Extremely heavy duty; most weighty material. Available in 80cm.

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