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Case Study: Extension

24 January 2017

We take a close look at a stunning, fully glazed oak framed extension that our buildings team recently completed on behalf of a local client.


When a local client approached us recently to assist with extending his substantial detached dwelling, we jumped at the opportunity. The property, which boasted exposed timber features and joinery supplied by our workshop, appeared particularly suited to an extension constructed from an oak frame, our speciality. 

The initial remit was clear; the homeowner wanted naturally lit, additional ground floor space for a new kitchen and dining area, with a floor above for a bathroom and storage areas. Our team then advised on the most practical and attractive way this could be achieved.

The initial step was a visit by our site surveyor. During an extensive consultation, the client’s needs were more thoroughly assessed and possible design themes discussed. Sketches were then drawn up and revisions suggested and acted upon.


The result was an outline proposal for an oak framed extension featuring direct glazing, exposed oak beams and a gable roof profile (as this best complemented the house). Once finer details had been agreed, CAD drawings were produced and signed off, before frame manufacture began in our workshop, using traditional crafting techniques.

As with approximately half of our projects, we carried out the fitting of the frame. The size of the oak beams used in construction and the large amount of glass involved necessitated extensive planning and attention to detail on site, but this was fully justified by the stunning final result.  

Oak Framed Extension  Oak Framed Extension  Oak Framed Extension


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