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Eco-Friendly Homeware

31 July 2018

We are now offering the Green Tones range of recycled Bamboo Fibre homeware, including coffee cups, kids sets and planters.


With single use plastics hitting the headlines for posing one of the most significant risks to our planet,  we are now retailing the full Green Tones range, a recycled alternative to plastics, ceramics and glassware. 


In bright, bold tones, the sleek products, which have been used in Channel 5’s Big Brother House, offer a natural choice for those wanting to ditch the many commonly-found plastic items inside and outside the home including garden pots, picnic sets, children's tableware, pet bowls and takeaway coffee cups.


As well as being non-toxic and dishwasher safe, eco-conscious shoppers can also be reassured that while plastic takes 450 years to break down - putting enormous toll on our wildlife and ecosystem - the Green Tones collection biodegrades in under five years with minimal landfill impact.


Sometimes sold with the tagline “I used to be a chopstick”, the eye-catching range was spotted by one of our very own directors on a business trip to China.




After being drawn to their bright colours and sharp lines, his interest deepened on hearing the products had been created with offcuts from decking, bamboo placemats and chopsticks.


Director Jason Frost said: “It looks and handles remarkably like its plastic equivalents but has none of the nasty components or drawbacks. We started off with plant pots and coffee cups but we’ve been expanding into new areas and now have tableware and many more domestic items – the potential range is endless.” 





For more information on the Green Tones range please visit our website or call our sales team on

01435 860 888. 


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